Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Introducing Lily Beth

Gertrude has a new friend in her cottage! Meet Lily Beth, kind of a Floozy at heart made unmistakingly by the incredibly talented Jayne of
Jayne and I were chatting about her Alice In Wonderland flowers she is making and she sent me a pic of Lily. Being my favourite flower I fell instantly in love and knew she was perfect for Gertrude's cottage. Being a good witch she loves her cheeky little kissing lips!
So a huge thankyou to Jayne as we all love her to bits and the colours , style, and everything about her fits in perfectly. We now anxiously await pics of the Alice flowers as know they will be just as stunning!
There is a complete influx of floozies in blogland right now with Julia and Janice having recieved their own beautiful floozies recently. We are all very lucky ladies to own such treasures.

As you can see I made something for Gertrude too yesterday. Being half term, the days zoom by too fast and we have to take advantage of the good weather when its here so have been out and about. But with yesterdays rain came an opportunity to dabble abit. I made a stack of cookery/potion books for Gertie with mushroom documents and a jar of creamed mushrooms.

I also made several stacks for the Harry Potter house. Some are in house colours. For example I have made a Slytherin stack in silver, black and purple books with the crest on the top book and a bottle of snapes potion. Just finishing off some other stacks and willl take pics when they are made. All to go in the various rooms of my Potter house. Gone book mad! May sell a few of these also once I have them all finished as I wont be needing them all.


The Old Maid said...

Lily Beth is cute! The minis you showed us are great! But I really can't wait to see the Slytherin and Snape's stuff ;) Please please show them soon!:)

Debie Lyons said...

Love your new additions Kate. Jaynes flowers are to die for, she is so talented.

Debie xxx

Michelle's Mad World said...

Lily Beth is just amazing, I LOVE Jayne's flowers, the more the merrier I say! ;o))

You have been busy, and I love the jar of mushroom soup and the great book stacks too! What a great idea to colour code them to match Hogwarts houses too! ;o))

Michelle xxxx

Ascension said...

Que preciosidad, la planta es una maravilla, los libros me encantan!!!
besitos ascension

Creepy_Creations said...

I tried to leave a comment and got an error message, so I'll try again! Sorry if you get two!

I just love Lily Beth! I got the Alice In Wonderland movie and watched it twice now already! The flowers in the movie are really cool, I can't wait to see Jaynes!!

I also love Gertie's stacked books and jar!! You did a great job! I can't wait to see the Harry Potter ones!!!!!!!!


Janice said...

Aren't we lucky to own such a fab plant from Tallulah. I think I will definitely have to buy her a friend!
I adore your witch, she looks so kind but with a twinkle in her eye.

The thing I have found recently is that no matter how many books, scrolls, potion jars, perfume bottles I make there never seems to be enough. This house is a 'miniature pit'......

Tallulah Belle said...

I am so glad she got there safely and you like her :-)

The Alice flowers might be a while I am afraid...I am super busy with other custom orders.

Floozies are actually going to be limited...I don't want to many of them out there...too dangerous and too many men to corrupt lol

I love the books and how they are all color coded...very clever.

Bear cabin miniatures said...

Lily Beth is wonderful, I love all of Jayne's work. We are so lucky to have them :0)

Your book stacks and jar are great, I don't know where you find the time with kids off school! I'm not getting much done this week, I'm just finishing off old bits and pieces!

Julia xx

Katie said...

Hi Kate! Wanted to get in here and say hello! I've been reading back in your blog, trying to catch myself up, and I realized, I've missed a lot! I'm so excited to see your daughters site, still have to add it to my list....and even more excited to see that she is doing a Brambly Hedge house!! I saw all her books and was soooo jealous, I can't find a single one here in the USA. :(

Hope all is well with everyone!!!