Tuesday, 8 June 2010

All Day for such a small project!!

Thats how long it took me today to complete the Snow White floor upstairs.
The upper floor of the Aster cottage by Greenleaf is all cut out on the left side and only really has one half of flooring.
So today, although leaving in the existing part wood floor I had to cut out a new floor to go on top of it but soon realised that that meant fitting a new ceiling too under the floor part that had the holes so you didnt see them from underneath! So I cut out 2 identical pieces of card mount board and put in a new hole for the top of the stair for the access to the top floor.
Anyway this is how it looks as it is. The new floor has new floorboards which were painted to match the downstairs floorboards very dark brown.
The beds are in, and I made a little extra floor for Grumpys bed so he dosnt have to make the others suffer with his snoring!The picture of all the beds is before i did Grumpys floor and the last pic is of his bed on its own on a little upper floor I made to fit in under thew window. I will make him a little twig ladder to get up there to match the ladders of the bunk beds.

It is not stuck down yet hence why it looks a little uneven! I ran out of floorboards right in the corner and for Grumpys floor and decided as i want to paint the room a stone colour I would leave the floor until thats done and then glue it in place . But you get the idea!

Then it needs new curtains and I think it needs a rug, some pictures and of course their names above their beds.
Then Im doing the fireplace downstairs and the sink unit before I can put all the little touches into the house and really start to dress it. Snow of course is ready to move in of course and Im still tempted to actually have the dwarves in there too at some point!
I managed to buy some great shutters to go on the sides of the windows with heart cut outs so tomorrow Ill paint these to match the windows and try fitting them and will post how they look! They were exactly the same size as my windows so meant to be and really fititng to the style of the house !

I spent the rest of the day ploughing through my workroom only to be quite amazed at so many boxes of miniatures! I have put on some more already to ebay but will continue to do so over the weekend and all next week as now I know its all there I need to start being positive and letting go of whatI dont need but others can make use of!
In explanation as to why I have so much. I used to sell dressed miniature displays on ebay but with5 children, their homework, clubs etc, and all my own projects i found I no longer have the time, and know I wont have for years to come . I want to make real progress with my own projects now so all this furniture etc that is not needed for my own houses can be sold.


The Old Maid said...

Love the beds!:)It must be hard to part with minies but at least you will have some money for your project in return:)

Janice said...

Kate, the beds are just wonderful, rustic but sumptuous at the same time.You have used the textures and colours of your material beautifully.
Like you I don't understand how a small task ends up taking so long.

How do you manage to find any time with 5 children!?

Creepy_Creations said...

Kate, It is looking great!! How fun!! I love how you put Grumpy seperate! That's so funny!! I'm sure the other dwarves are thanking you!! Wonderful work!


Michelle's Mad World said...

I love those beds, they are amazing! ;o)

I know what you mean when you seem to spend all day on something and then wonder why something small (or big) seems to take soooo long! I've spent hours on Hogwarts walls, I will be glad to do floors next! lol

It's all looking great and I like the idea of putting Grumpy on his ownsome! lol

Michelle xxxx

Ara said...

I love it all Kate! Don't you hate when something you don't think will take long at all ends up taking all day!! But in the end I know it ends up being worth it! Wish I could buy up all your minis!! I would love to have my own little warehouse of supplies to run to when I need something! :)