Friday, 4 June 2010

Harry Potter book stacks

Well hav'nt we been exceptionally lucky this week with the glorious weather. I am I must admit an Autumn/Winter person and one of those annoying ones who moans its too hot but we've had some fun this week.
The first part of the week we spent with my sister and her lovely boys at my Mums beach hut, having games of cricket on the beach, picnics by the river. Lots of fun. Unfortunalty the rest of the week went pear shaped with Lola poorly so I didnt get to see my other sister and nephews which was a shame so we've had quieter days at home. With one lousy day of rain that gave me the opportunity to get out some craft things. So while watching DVD's with Lola, armed with my lapdesk, glue, bag of leathers and ruler I got to making those book stacks I told you about.
The mushroom one was colour coordinated with Gertrude's house and style, so I figured the potter ones should do the same.
Here we have Book stacks for all 4 houses of Hogwarts.
Slytherin's stack is silver, purples etc and has potion bottles, ingredients, pestle and mortar and can you see that sneaky snake in there too!
Griffindor's is mainly reds and yellow/golds, again with potion bottles.
The other 2 stacks were trickier as I didnt have the colours of leather needed but the Ravenclaw stack is blues/ greys. All have their crests on the top book and plenty of HP documents in between the books, Marauder maps, Spell books etc.
These will go in both the potion room and Dumbledores study. I have also made a stack for the Potion Master with a skull and the advanced book of spells to pass out to some lucky pupil!

Hope you like them I have made more and am thinking of ebaying some just because I need some pennies for future minis on my wish list and am fast running out of poor Johns car parts and old Maternity clothes to sell !!!!!
Really enjoyed making them even if I did stick just about all my fingers together at one point!
More mini making next week as its term time and Lola hopes to get a start on her house once shes feeling more herself!


Michelle's Mad World said...

I love these stacks especially as they match Hogwarts houses. ;o)) I love the emblems on the top book and all the added little extras, just great. :o) I will look out for them on Ebay! Hoping you raise some pennies and pounds!

I haven't got started today, it's too muggy and I hate it, it zaps all my energy! :o(

Will email you later today. ;o))

Michelle xxx

Eva said...

How fun your book stack! Really clever, I love them!

Ascension said...

Son una maravilla, muy reales!!!
besitos ascension

Merry Jingle said...

They look great! All this fab Potter stuff minies here and there makes me think if I should also do a Potter house :D

Creepy_Creations said...

Oh Kate, those are sooo cool!! I love that you even put the emblems on them, how clever! I love the Gryffindor one, and it even has a marauders map!! The 3rd HP movie is my favorite! Great work! I'm sure your books will do great on Ebay!


Janice said...

Love them Kate. You should certainly think about selling them. They are simply fab.

The Old Maid said...

Great stacks!You will find buyers for the next lot for sure!
Glad to know I am not the only one who loves when it's cold;)

Kat The Hat Lady said...

Love this stacks of books they are fantastic.

Lorraine Escapita said...

Hope Lola is feeling better!

I love the book stacks, the idea with the colors is great!

Mimmi said...

They look awesome! I really like the idea of making one stack for each Hogwarts house. I love HP, both the books and the movies, and I`m really looking forward `till next one comes out.

Anne Mari

dora said...

Te han quedado fantasticos, geniales.
Besos carmen

My Wee Life said...

I just love the book stacks.

Nicky CC said...

I love the stacks Kate! So sorry Lola wasnt well, so hope she is feeling much better now and that you get to make another family trip for the one you missed out on!