Saturday, 19 June 2010

Introducting Mable Mc Mildew and her New Broomstick!

Here she is, my newest Doll, Mable Mc Mildew! I actually named this one myself as the name jumped out at me as i unwrapped her.
Mable is made by the Wonderfully talented Jain of Giddy Kipper Dolls and is the first in what I hope to be a few wicked witches for my new Coven house!
I saw Mable first at Kensington and admired her but didnt have a bad witch project so had to pass her by! However when I found my new Tudor style house that Im going to' witchyfy', I knew shes fit in a treat and guess what? Out of all the witches Jain took ot the fair she was the only one that came home with her, so I thought, meant to be for me then! Jain kindly hung onto her while I made some pennies and I recieved her last week. She has this great dreadlock style gungy green hair and this fab outfit! She fits in a treat and Jain also kindly made Lola a tiny fairy book which shewill put in her Brambly house.
Mable is holding her new broomstick made my the fabulous Nikki Rowe. I bought one from Etsy for Gertrude the good witch but could hear mutterings coming from Mables house and didnt want a nasty spell to befall me so ordered another sharpish!
She loves it Nikki thankyou it fits her so well! I was lucky enough to get the 2 i really thought would suit each witch.

So look forward to more of the furnishing of Mables house to come. Lots to do and starting with the downstairs meeting room for all the witches so I hope to buy another from Jain soon so they can get together and havespell plotting meetings together!

Later today I will post some pictures of other minis I recieved in the post, all fabulous and Im such a happy bunny today to have such amazing work from my blogging friends! Will be back with pics and thankyous later!

For all those who have been kind enough to bid on my dollshouse item auctions recently i thankyou so much, i hope to have enough pennnies soon to order another comission!So you will know that you have kindly contributed to them and have had some part in putting together my future projects thankyou!
I am listing more tonight and a very specail lot is going on so keep your eyes peeled!


Eva said...

I love Mable!! She looks a great witch, with personality. You did a good purchase and of course Nikki broom is fab!
Un beso Kate

Jill said...

Mable is fantastic! I love that face. I once had a patient that looked just like her-- and had a bit of a witchy attitude to go with it! I'm so glad you found Mable-- she really was "meant to be"!

Debbie said...

Kate, Mable is magnificent..Jain does make some wonderful characters and your right Nikki's broom goes with her so

Creepy_Creations said...

Kate, Mable is wonderful and what a great name!! She looks very happy with her new broom!!