Sunday, 20 June 2010

A very Happy Fathers Day and Welcome to 'Mad Merv'

Happy Fathers Day everyone, hope all those men are having a lovely relaxing day, I know mine is!!

The children spoilt him with Cd's, Books, and some new Harley Davidson badges for his jacket but I knew what I had in mind for a long time!

I didnt get round to finishing the motorbike room box and didnt want to rush it so that will be for another day, maybe our anniversary coming up soon!

But a long time ago John started planning to do the basement room in the haunted house as a mad scientist room and started collecting bits and bobs to do it. We saw Debie's ( mad scientist on ebay but wernt lucky enough to win him and have had in in my head to get for john ever since as he was such a special doll and John thought he was wicked!

So leaving it rather too late to ask, I emailed Debie who kindly agreed to make another even though I was pushing her giving her short notice for Fathers day! And the other day he arrived!
I had to have a peak! well my excuse was the parcel was rattling and I dreaded him being broken but when i opened him was thrilled to find what was rattling was lots of goodies Debie has so kindly put in for us and our projects! A huge Hug!!

I wrapped him and John opened him this morning and was so happy with him, he thinks hes a great unique pressie! He has a little test tube in his pocket and stains on his lab coat and his hair is wicked!!! He has a calm kind expression with a hint of madness of course!

Now he can get to work after the summer is over on making Merv a room to be proud of! We have to get lots of glassware for the table and also a table will have to be made as the basement room is only about 5 inches high so anything too big looks wrong. Merv is the perfect size and Debie gauged him just right! He is abit wobbly on the paperclay rough floor but I will have to tacky wax him into position when his table is all set up. For now here is a pic of him with Mable's table. Dont suppose she is too happy, she is a stroppy little witch and he can only borrow it for a moment or she will be casting her own spells on him and making his hair stand on end even more! Please excuse the photo taken by me as my camera did not want to oblidge today buit Debies picture is great and you can see his fabulous features so well!

A big thankyou to Debie for making him so perfectly and quickly for us, he really made Johns day!


Debie Lyons said...

Your most welcome Kate and I am so happy that John likes him.

Debie xxxxxxxxx

Debbie said...

Kate, Merv is wonderful, I just love his Hair. Debie rang me this evening and she was telling me all about your mad scientist and how small he is, amazing. Great Father's Day Pressie.
Meant to ask is Lola OK now? missing her posts in blog land. xxxx

Tabitha Corsica said...

Ha! Love the hair! Isn't Debie's work the best ever?

Happy Father's Day John! Now you MUST get to that project.

The Old Maid said...

Absolutely great doll!:)

Creepy_Creations said...

Mad Merv is great! The hair is just too cool!! What a fun room idea!!


Michelle's Mad World said...

I think his hair IS the best thing! It's fabulous! lol What a wonderful personal present for Father's Day! :o)) So glad that John loved it! :o))

I haven't forgotten to email, just run out of time yesterday!!!

Michelle xxx

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Debie he is just perfection and we love him, Johns talking about making a seperate room box now OMG to have him in the lounge where everyone can see him!thankyou so much! xxx

Debbie , Lola is not too bad, shes had a nasty chest infection which wont shift and its knocked all the stuffing out of her, shes had no enthusiasm which is so not like her, shes so lively usually! She seems to be getting better gradually and has been busy with a project making a hand puppet which shes just won an award for so soon when it comes home she will show that on her blog too! Thanks for asking! xxx

Susan isnt his hair just fab, it actaully twines together in the middle! He is keen to do it now but Summer and Bikes come first :-( xxx

Hi Ewa hes just unbelievable, never had one of Debies dolls before but now I know how fab they are Ill be wanting more thats for sure! xxx

Michelle, I knew youd love him too! No probs, alwyas lovely to hear from you. I posted your parcel today first class recorded should come tomorrow I hope! Lots of pressies in there for Delores and you of course !! xxx

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Jamie, do you like the name he he! I think the room will be great but its finding glassware in the right size as the rooms a funny size and 1 12th standard glass jars look too big so will have to have them specially made, not cheap! Looks like my dungeon room may turn into somthing else if he decides on a new room box! xx

Kat The Hat Lady said...

I love Merv I my hair looks like that first thing in the morning ha ha ha ha! Glad John had a lovely fathers day. Big hugs and kisses to Lola xxxxxxx