Sunday, 6 June 2010

Oh No another New House and The Sets for Ebay

Well you know i just cant resist a bargain and this fantastic tudor house was calling to me so just couldnt say no!
Its really well built, 3 floors, all lit, beautifully beamed, stairs etc, all ready for someone to move in!

I decided if I have a good witch house then surely I HAVE to have a bad witch one! Thankyou Michelle and Janice for inspiring me to make one as yours are both so fantastic I was itching to have my own!

Plus I have the excuse that I have 2 very large boxes of more spooky messy witch miniatures under the bed that just cant fit in the haunted house as thats heaving now! So this way I can instantly move things over to the new house.

I was also inspired by Jain Squires witch coven scene that she made for Kensington and decided this house would be perfect for that style project in larger form. So the lower floor will be an Inn style room with lots of witches gathering to discuss their potion making!
Next floor with be the witches living room and upstairs is a tiny bedroom, this opens by a small hatch in the centre of the top floor frontage, quite ingenious! You can see from the side view the lovely large chimney with all the hidden wiring. my only thing to do is change the wiring to a newer transformers system as the previous owner used only a 9 volt battery to light the wall, ceiling and fire lights! So I think all I have to do is chop off the old end fitments and attach the wires to a new transformer.........she says!!Will take some pics of the interior later when my witch arrives!

John is an angel I know for sure, as I straight away took it off to the conservatory but hes insisting it needs pride of place in the living room and has been himself trying to visualise what furniture can be moved around to make room for it! With all our houses we dont have a house in the main sitting room so I feel quite honoured that hes decided it needs one!

Well as my plans included quite a few witches for this house I have decided I need to start a savings plan for them! So starting this week i have listed some book stacks on ebay in the hope they will sell and give me some pennies to put towards my next doll on the wish list! These dont have harry Potter styling as HP is very copyright conscious and Ive had items lifted off ebay before for breach of using the potter name so just went for plains spell books for any witch or wizard ! I figured if I can make a few things and manage to sell them once a month then every quarter or so I should have enough to put in a special saving up jar just for dolls!
I have the houses first occupant on her way this week and cant wait to show her off. She is very special and the perfect doll for this wonderful house!

Wish me luck, oh and please ignore the car parts if you take a look at all the items selling, poor John, soon there will be little of his garage left to sell!!! in amongst the other 'stuff' that needs to go you'll find the 3 sets of books and some other mixed furniture bits if anyone needs some for painting


Creepy_Creations said...

Kate, I really do love the look of your new house and that's very cool that it will get to be displayed in the living room! I'm excited to see it all witchy! Your books are great!! I'll be watching ebay for them!!


Lorraine Escapita said...

That's a great house, and a great idea for it! Everything needs it's opposite :).

Merry Jingle said...

The house looks fantastic and I love your idea what to make it! Watching all these fab witch houses have made me really crave a witch house of my own... I will have way too many houses :D

Jill said...

Such a wonderful house! I can't wait to see you "work your magic" on it!

Eva said...

Of course good luck! :)
The house is fab and will look great with all of your ideas

Michelle's Mad World said...

Hi Kate,

You DID get a bargain...again! lol This is a great house and you have so much to work with! :o)) The savings plan sounds like a good idea too...don't forget to let us know your Ebay link. ;o)

I have loads of spare witchy and wizard stuff too, tis why it's okay if I get more houses with that theme. ;o)

John is so great to allow you a house in the living room....I wish it were the case with me. :o(

Michelle xxxx

The Old Maid said...

Beautiful house! Can't wait to see how ypu will arrange it!

Kat The Hat Lady said...

Nice house ;-) i am cery jealous. Whats your link to ebay I want to put it on my blog page :-)

dale said...

That is a great house and will be perfect for a witchy to move into. :)

The Dangerous Mezzo said...

Wow! What a gorgeous house! Isn't it lovely when our partners are supportive and interested? Makes all the difference ...

I can't wait to see what you do with this beauty :)

Bear cabin miniatures said...

I love your new house Kate, it will be great seeing what you do with it. Lucky girl :0)
Julia xx

WendiesMiniWorld said...

Oh My Kate!! how many do you have now? LOL John is an angel indeed, and Im a teensy bit envious of that :o( my hubbs says no, not to be mean to me but because he knows I haven't much self control !! my mini addiction has to remain within my craft room , oh but I can dream ....
I think your new Witching Inn sounds like a great project, and I look forward to seeing its progress. x

Jain Squires said...

Kate, what a fabulous house!!Glad it arrived safe and sound. Witchy is going to be very at home in there. Jain xxx

Peach Blossom Hill said...

What a beautiful house! I love it. I would have had to have had it also! Can't wait to see it filled with those bad witches! And I love, love, love my stack of witchy books you sent in my little witch's cottage!


Tallulah Belle said...

Not another house there no stopping you :-)

You are very lucky with john...a definite keeper !

Love all the books you are making. One day I'll have my own house and can start collecting.