Saturday, 19 June 2010

Thankyou Lorraine and Kat!

Yesterday the postman bought a parcel from the US and I hurridly opened it as i knew it was the new wizard minis I ordered from the lovely Lorraine from

They are simply amazing and I love them all so much! Check out the tiny wands and the detail on them! There is a wand box for Dumbeldore and this will go on a new desk I have coming, and the other wands i want to keep as I have plans for a wand cabinet in his room.
The workmanship is truly superb and i cant wait to go back to Lorraine for more goodies as i know she has lots of new ideas of things to make for us Potter mad lot! great eh! Lorraine kindly put in some of her special tiny candles which i adore! The labels are so detailed and I just have to buy some in different colours for Mables house, she loves them!!
Thankyou Lorraine , such treasures!

Then this morning another box, what could this be! I know that writing and as always its the best parcel from my dear freind Kat the Hat!! Thankyou Kat for this lovely leather hat and bag, will look great in the attic room of the Potter house ! Kat also sent me some yellow leather that I was missing to be able to put some more Hogwarts book stacks together. Just perfect Kat thankyou!

I am so luck to have the loveliest and most talented of friends!


Debbie said...

Fabulous Wands from Lorraine and love the Leather Hat from Kat...x

Lorraine Escapita said...

Glad you like them Kate! Thanks for showing everyone!

And I just love those leather hats that Kat has been making!

Kat The Hat Lady said...

You are most welcome :-D xxxx