Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Needs Must! Furniture sets on ebay!

Hi all, just to let you know that as well as the book stacks I made new, i am selling some various sets of furniture and shop counters etc on ebay. I have a few dolls Id like to have for various houses and so am going to be putting things I no longer need on ebay from now for the next few weeks.
I have some used and some brand new things going on. I used to buy a lot of furniture with the intention of repainting it, but have not got round to it and need to generate some money.
Please take a look , maybe you could repaint it, distress, shabby chic it etc?
I will send internationally but for larger items like this it is extremly expensive to send unfortunatly and I only send airsure for larger packages also which adds more on. But happy to do so if you are desperate to have it!! Lots more to go on, I have 3 large sets of drawers in the shed full to the brim with things that need to go, including material, trims, laces, beads etc, as its just sitting there being neglected and needs a good home !
Many thanks
Heres the link

Starts tonight and more to follow this week and next, lots of furniture plus things helpful for miniaturists.

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Kat The Hat Lady said...

Mentioned you on my blog page :-)loved the new book stacks they are brilliant and would go beautifully with my leather Wizard hats hint hint ha ha ha! Are you going to make some more witchy miniatures to sell?