Saturday, 19 June 2010

My 3rd post of the Day! My OOAK American Diner is Up for Sale

Well the time has come to really think hard about what projects to keep and what to sell!
I have decided that my Diner I made a year or so ago will never get completed my myself so I am selling it on to hope someone else will have the enthusiasm with it to really make it into the project it deserves to be !
I spent hours upon hours with this diner. I designed itmyself, made it, covered it all myself and then its just sat in storage! Such a shame. i can see it with all the details, a grill, wall cupboards, customers etc looking fab but just never got round to it!
So it is on ebay tonight. It consists of a double diner booth , 2 single booths, 2 tables, a juke box, a counter, and a chiller cabinet and single diner corner chair.

All in stunning pink and White ( Marsha You will like this i think lol!!)

I have listed it with a picture of all the food set up with it that I have for it but all this is being sold seperatly as i know from past sales of projects people like to put together or make their own food and drinks so this dosnt have to go with the sale of the actual diner. So you may like to bid on the food for your own cafe projects?

Anyway please take a look if you get a chance. It was a real labour of love , I was thrilled with how it turned out. I made another in Coca Cola red and White which sold last year but I kept the pink as it was more me and a bit different!

I hope someone can make it into a really stunning project of a room box or shop!
Here are some pics of it and just one of the food lots being sold seperatly. Also some diner posters and menus for sale.

I have had a real downer on my ebay sales with my laptop charger now not working and not charging my battery either so no laptop! Only just out of warranty and the Dell forum tells me it is a wide spread fault with their faulty chargers but they wont give you a replacment as they make a fortune on the fault as they obviously recommend only their chargers at $80 or so! I have looked on ebay to find them cheaper but been warned against cheap ones that can then blow up and blow up the Pc too!! So my fund has gone back down. :-( Looks like its back to the workshop to find more furniture to sell!
Lots of other minis and dolls etc going on this weekend also.
Only some of the items are listed to show up in the us as it cost more to list in both and uk, but if you go to you will see all of them and I will ship inernationally.


Debbie said...

Kate, what ever you do, don't buy a cheap charger from Ebay. I did, it blow up, so I ended up buying a new one from Dell, but unfortunately for me, the cheap charger had already totally fried my mother board. I'm sure Dell, make those chargers to stop working, just after the warranty runs out..

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

I do too! Ive looked into it on the internet and it has happened to so many people, answer is never to buy Dell again! I only went for it cos it was pink lol!!!!

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

OMG, Kate, I LOVE this!!!! I wish I had the funds to purchase it!!

Yeah, my hubby's battery went out years ago on his Dell laptop and we've had to replace his adapter cord three times . . . .


Whittaker's Miniatures said...

He He I thought it was very you Marsha!! Every girl has to have pink, even in her minis!Kate xxx

Katie said...

The diner looks like a fun project to finish...hopefully someone we know ends up with it, so we can see how it turns out! ((I love the pink, too!!)

Oh...and do you have a link to your ebay page on your blog?? I've noticed before when you talk about something, I have to go back and find a link...


Michelle's Mad World said...

I love this Diner Kate, I don't know how you can bear to part with's just wonderful...every bit of it!!!! :o)))

My last Dell laptop adapter/charger stopped working too, but I bought a replacement direct from Dell at all was okay. My current Dell (yes, bubble gum pink) and another Dell laptop we have. their chargers are still okay. :o)) I love the computers, tis why I keep buying them! lol

Will email you tomorrow.

Michelle xxx

kimsminiatures said...

Its adorable. I hope you can find some one to buy it soon. Hugs~ Kim

Wanda said...

Love the pink diner! Great job! Most be hard to have to sell it. I'm sure it will end up with someone who loves it equally as well!

Creepy_Creations said...

Oh wow Kate! You did such a great job on this!! I'm sure the auction will do wonderful!! Best of luck!! Sorry to hear about the charger.


Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Katie I love pink too, its a very girly diner! I can see it now all finished but I have other projects that id like to do that are more my things but I know some people make fantastic cafes etc so hoping if it sells it goes to someone who can really make it inot a great project! have added the link for you. xx

Michelle, I know it was hard but those dolls dont buy themselves and you know how much I NEED my hatter and Hare for my tea party!xx

Us girls and our pink laptops eh! Mine has never been right though, always 'not responding' and if I move it just a few inches is feeezes! never got round to sorting it in warranty and now its much worse so i'll steer clear in future sounds like youve been lucky with yours!xx

Kim and Wanda thankyou, I hope it goes to a good home but if not I will make something of it one day! xx

Jamie, I always loved the american diner after watching 'Back to the Future!' The red and white one was more classic but I had to see what it was like in pink, dont suppose it will have many male customers though :-) xx

Jackie said...

Jacqueline from Once Upon a Fairyland has arrived on your blog via Marsha's blog Sassy Mini Dolls. Oh, I must look around and see all that you've made and created.
I like many of the things you like since my father built Once Upon a Fairyland. Come to my blog if you have time and if you click on My home-Once Upon a Fairyland you'll find we are likely kindred souls.

PAKY said...

what a pitty you have to sell the dinner, all accessories are beautiful, hope you have good luck with the sale ... greetings