Sunday, 27 June 2010

A Fun Day out at the Fair and Emilys amazing Results!

Just to say a HUGE thankyou to everyone for their lovely comments to Emily on her college presentation . Emily is an extremly insecure girl, dosnt have any self confidence and it meant such a lot to her to recieve such complementary and encouraging comments! We are always telling her shes so clever, talented and beautiful but she dosnt believe us so it did her the power of good!
Her results came through Friday and she achieved a brilliant 3 Distinctions which is just wonderful , we are even prouder now!
She has moved back home with us full time now and has the holidays to learn to drive so she can drive to Uni, and just some time to chill after doing such a lot of hard work. She would love to get a part time job in a stables as her second passion is horses.
Yesterday it was Reillys school fair and one of the mums has a lovely horse and offered to do pony rides if we could pick him up in the horse box with the Landrover. So John, Lolaand Emily went over to help get him to the school and then Emily was in her element doing the pony rides taking all the children round on a lovely walk. She had a good canter herself on him and is now really wanting to get some work with horses, easier said than done!
The queue for the rides didnt subside for 4 hours, poor old Adam the horse , it was so hot and we had to keep resting him and sponging him down but we all had a lovely day and ended it with a celebratory meal at the pub!!
Well Im off to play with my car boot bargain, I got a Wii fit board and game and with just a month to our frineds wedding I need to get into that size 8 dress so the perfect buy this morning, worth getting out of bed early for!
Back with more minis next week and Lola is feeling much better so will be posting too!


Debie Lyons said...

Congrats to Emily on her Destinctions and her fashion show dress was superb too (blog land was playing up so I couldnt leave a comment that time). She will love Uni our Courtney is so sad her 3 years are over.

SO nice to hear that Lola is better and that you all had a nice time.

Lorra Luffies

Debie xxxxxxxx

Kat The Hat Lady said...

Glad to hear Lola is better I hope you all enjoyed Doctor Who this weekend. Nice to hear Emily is back home with you full time :-). Sounds like you all had fun at Reilly's school fair. :-)

julie campbell said...

Such lovely photos kate ! Emily looks just like you :0)
Congrats on the distinctions,that is wonderful news and I'm so glad Lola is feeling better too.
julie xxx

The Old Maid said...

Congrats to Emily on her results! Hope Lola gets well soon!

Merry Jingle said...

Congrats to Emily on her suberb results, you must be so proud :) And hope that she doesn't get too into horses, being a dressage riders mom isn't the most relaxing part ;)

Hope Lola gets well soon :)

Catherine said...

Congratulations to Emily! Her dress is GORGEOUS! She is a beautiful, beautiful girl!
I would love to have had red hair.

Michelle's Mad World said...

Many congratulations to Emily! Well done! :o))) I'm sure you must all be sooo proud and rightly so! o)))

Sounds like you all had a fab day at the fair! My Niece is horse mad too! lol

Great to hear little Lola is on the mend and it will be great to see what she has been up to with her mini's.

Sorry I haven't been in touch sooner, I've been out and about and not online. Will email asap.

Michelle xxxx

Bear cabin miniatures said...

Congratulations to Emily for her wonderful results. Emily, be very proud of yourself, well done :0)
Glad to hear Lola is feeling better
Julia xx