Monday, 5 October 2009

Getting in the Halloween Mood!!

I cant help it, its October so I am thinking to the end of it already, to my FAVOURITE time of the year, HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its great that its on a Saturday this year so we can all dress up, go trick or treating then come home to homemade Chilli and Baked Potatoes!!

Have been to Asda for Halloween goodies there for our Halloween 'Party'

Thanks to Kat the Hat's posting on Asdas things we have been and bought a hanging Lock up Lenny, garlands, hanging ghosts , great skele hand tumblers, and the children all chose an outfit each, but you'll have to wait til Halloween to see them!
But as well as our own house, I cannot leave out dressing up the Miniature houses too, so we have been working on the Witch Hat Shop windwo Display for you to see.

Here are some pictures of 'Witchy Hollow' so far. I didnt get round to Lola's idea of adding a witch tea rooms to the roof top garden but I will next year. I am inspired by the witches taking tea on the front cover of AIM magazine this month.

So instead on the rooftop is a selection of pumpkins that light up, other ones with faces, and my light up tree, a great Halloween display for all the children to see when they come to the door for their treats!

Not long to go now so if anyone sees anything great for Halloween please let us know!
Have a great week


Bear cabin miniatures said...

It's looking great, I love all your pumpkins. It looks like you could just walk in and have a nose around! Have you been to Tesco? They have a string of 8 skeletons for £3 and they are the perfect size. Hywel has already sat one in the Wizards store window!!
Julia :0)x

Kim said...

fun, fun, fun pictures! I do not have any holiday decor for my dollhouses, but I have decided to work on fixing that in the cold winter months. I have already been begging the hubby to set up a little heater in my craft room this year so I can work in there without a sweater and gloves! Can't wait to see the kids costumes :) Happy Halloween!!!

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

How fun, Kate!!!

Yummm, chilli and baked potatoes!!

I figured you'd like the ghost doll the best :) I painted her eyes all black :)

Hope you get your legs this week!


Jill said...

I love those witches hats-- so cute and each one so unique! I love this time of the year-- I've been decorating for halloween also... so fun!

cockerina said...

Hello Kate, Happy Halloween!

Ara said...

Such great Halloween minis Kate! I can't wait to get a move on with the addams hosue so I can display it in the front window maybe next year??? haha!