Tuesday, 9 February 2010

New Display cabinets and Conservatory for Lola

Well my New years Resolution of getting on with existing projects has not gone to plan!

First my poor Mum was taken ill again and then her husband found out he had bowel cancer and has been taken into hospital so it seems to be yet another year of ill health! So been doing lots of running around and trying to keep busy inbetween to keep my mind of things.
Before I tell you about my real life size bargains, heres a pic of the great conservatory I got on ebay for Lola. She has an American ' Alison junior' house, it is on my blog somewhere. It is at the moment , blue but come the Summer its going out in the garden to be painted cream and white and i got this to go on the side. It was an absolute bargain, about £15. Has lovely marble floor and panelling, plant pots etc. It is to be a surprise for her birthday in March and I will then paint them both up for her, as she now has my old dressing table which both can fit on nicely, in her room.
I, myself , have been busy working on real life painting and decorating instead of what I promised myself and that was to get on with Sweeneys shop in January!
Been in a decorating frenzie, first the kitchen, teal blue, then the bathroom, raspberry pink! Next day the cloakroom, and bedroom, in a deep Plum! So with a gold lounge, red hallway and pink and lilac 2nd bedroom, our house resembles 'Nanny Mc Phee's ' house at the moment, all very bright and cheerful!

Ive also been on the look out for display shelves for various rooms. I found these bargains on ebay.

A lovely pink and lilac bookcase for the girls room, which they have their fairy books and ornaments on, very pretty!

For our room a great Ikea cream bookcase in which to keep all my books and various ornaments. I collect gothic fairies and am thinking of painting this to match the bedroom and go more with my darker coloured fairies.

My final bargain was a small 3 shelved bookcase which again Im thinkinig of painting. Not sure what colour, maybe Ill take a leaf out of the lovely Marsha's ( Sassy Dolls) book and do a shabby chick black!

I thought this was great for displaying dolls. I often see dolls in 1 12th which I cannot commit another room box or house too, have no room, and no time, but would love to own, so this way i can buy different dolls and display them on their own without having to do a whole scene for them.

So been a busy bee, if not with miniatures.

I have a huge list for February though, once half term is over I promise to make a start and get back on track!

Keep an eye out as tomorrow I will be having a birthday giveaway. Only a week til I go up yet another year, ( although I tell myself and everyone else that I am , and will always be 33.......I wish!!)

So if you are good with names, please check in and help me out with my latest wonderful doll, soon to arrive , a pressie from John, but she is nameless! And of course for the winner , a gift to say thankyou!
See you tomorrow !


Michelle's Mad World said...

Lola's summer house is wonderful! A REAL bargain! WOW, it's one of the nicest I've seen! I'm sure she'll love it! ;o) The real life bookcases are lovely too, I love the style. ;o))

Gosh, another family with ill health running through it! :o( I'm hoping for a better year myself, we've had year on year for too long...I hope it improves for you all very soon. :o)

Hmmm a new doll huh?! I gather you have no idea what type of style the doll is, e.g. witchy, pretty, etc?

Michelle xxxx

Debbie said...

Kate you have been a busy bee with all that decorating. Love the little conservatory what a bargain.
The shelving units are lovely.
So sorry to hear that your family members are unwell. Sending you all big hugs..xxxx

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

Oh, Kate, I am so sorry to hear about your mom and her husband's illness. My prayers are with you and your family.

I think the cabinet is a wonderful way to displays dolls or other treasures you have!


Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Michelle, isnt it fab! I saw it and the lady was concerned as it wasnt fully glued together but better for me that way as I can paint it easier then put it back together! when I got it I wanted it, but I had told myself it was for Lola so she is going to be lucky! Will be a posh room for her with lots of wire furniture that she has already.
Hope your year improves then too! e thought we'd had our fil of it last year then Boxing day Mum was taken into hospital. Never rains but it poors. Good luck to you too!
ooh the new doll, you will love her I know. yes I chose her, but John got his wallet out bless him!!
She will arrive soon but I cant open her til next Tuesday!
Kate xx

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Hi Debbie, thanks, we need the hugs! As do you, I saw your blog post, cant leave comments on several, yours and Marshas being 2 of them, my compter is having problems with some blogs! So you take care too, hope you are feeling better.
I usually hate decorating but I just was in the mood, seemd to keep me occupied and I enjoyed it. I love the raspberry pink bathroonm the best, it looks twice the size after a clear out and lick of paint!
Hugs back to you!! xx

Hi Marsha, thankyou sweetie! Havnt been able to leave comments on some of your posts, my PC is going wrong, but love oyur new doll!
My fav is the little shelf unit, I so loved your black one, so I may try that style, then the fun part of filling it with new dolls!!:-) Hugs Kate xx

Tabitha Corsica said...

What a lucky buy for you (and Lola) with the Conservatory. It looks like the one from Houseworks, I think (must get mine out of box where it has been moldering for quite some time...sigh) I'm anxious to see how you finish it.

Sorry to hear your family has to deal with such illness. Praying things quite down for all.


Christel Jensen said...

You have really got some great finds and bargains Kate. The conservatory is very nice:)

julie campbell said...

what a fab little summer house kate ! bet Lola will love it :0)
Love the real life size st5uff too, that will be a fab place to display your dolls :0)
So sorry to hear your family news, really hope things wil improve. Its been a funny old start to the year for a lot of us so lets hope it takes an upward turn with the long overdue spring,
will get my thinking capon for your competition !
julie xxxxx

Jain Squires said...

Kate, the conservatory is wonderful,one of the nicest I've seen, lucky Lola!
Sorry to hear about your family illnesses, hope things are looking up for them now.
The display cupboards are a great idea for the "don't know where to put them" miniatures. Jain x

Ara said...

Wonderful finds Kate!! Its amazing what can be found out there at great deals!! I love colorful houses... which is good because we bought ours with a dark red living room! Hope all the health issues disappear and get better soon. hugs, ara