Monday, 26 April 2010

A Gift from Overseas from the Fabulous Jamie Moore!

Now if you have not yet found the incredible blog of Jamie Moore , the most fabulous of Halloween artistes I've ever come across, you don't know what you are missing!

I discovered Jamie's work some time ago and have dreamed of owning one of her incredible creations, but sadly due to their size and weight could not afford the heavy shipping costs that the US charge now for parcels to come into the UK. Or the UK customs charges that go with it! Arn't they the bane of our lives as so many wonderful artistes and miniaturists live in the US and its so pricey now to be able to afford to have their work shipped over.

Jamie makes all sorts of amazing projects. Clocks, trinket boxes, jewellery, and so much more One of my favourites was a lovely Halloween jewellery/ music box that lit up to boot! And of course with my love of Alice, this Potion bottle is just to die for! Go check out Jamie's blog for more of her work!
Another favourite was Jamie's man eating plants!

As a follower of my blog, I emailed Jamie to ask her if she had ever considered making Halloween style or spooky miniatures. Jamie makes the most fab jack o lanterns in a lot of her projects so I knew she could make small items out of clay but she had never made anything specifically for a dolls house.
So, she said she'd give it a go .

Then as we emailed back and forth over the weeks, Jamie told me of a find she had made of a room box. She sent a pic of a room box she had stripped completely, ready to make into a Halloween/ witchy project.
The room box was not only great but all its contents that Jamie had stripped were ideal for my Fathers Day project for John of a Motorbike workshop. Way back I made and posted a pic of a scooter room box, but now his 'thing' is motorbikes, old Indian/ cruiser style bikes. I quickly emailed Jamie back to see if shed scrapped the contents, which lucky for me she hadn't and she so kindly agreed to send them onto me to work with.

Thank you Jamie, so much, the minis are perfect. A great little replica bike, engine, tool rack, loads of tins and spray bottles, posters,the perfect starter pack for me to work with! I have a room box all set to go, just have to decorate it, and then have fun filling it!

But not only did my parcel contain these, but also Jamie had made me a miniature man eating plant and a mandrake for the potter conservatory! These are so cool and the first in Miniature Jamie has made so I think shes done brilliantly as its tricky even getting the scale right when you are used to making things so much bigger, but Jamie has it just right!
Jamie is going to be working on more minis in the future so keep an eye out if you are into spooky things!

Another surprise was 2 of her gorgeous Jack o Lanterns which I love! One will go in the Witches hat shop but the other I have plans for , watch this space!!

So a huge hug and thank you to Jamie for all my minis. Keep at it, as I think you are well on your way to not only being the best of Halloween artistes but the best of miniaturists as well!!


Michelle's Mad World said...

Kate, I know John is going to love his Father's Day pressie!! :o)) Those motorbike mini's are fabulous and all so dirty and pre oiled ready to go! They look so real too. Wonderful present for him. I just hope he doesn’t read your blog!

That was so kind of Jamie too not to forget ole you! How generous of her! The mandrake is fab, moreso from an artisan who doesn't normally make mini's! :o))

Gosh, 'another' new project?! lol

Michelle xxx

Ara said...

How cool that she had the exact items that you needed and that you could encourage her to do some minis!!! I'll be watching her blog! -ara

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Michelle I know the goodies are fab arnt they I was so happy with everything! Jamie is so kind and clever too .
Dont worry, not another new project, just a little thing Im making , should only take an hour or so and will post when its made lol!
I have told John not to look at present postings as things will be coming up he cant see!!

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Ara, you are so lucky being in the States as the shipping is fine for you, so if you can win one of Jamies creations on ebay youd be so pleased as they are magnificent! Looking forward to seeing what miniatures Jamie makes and her roombox she is working on with a witchy theme! xxxx

Debbie said...

Wonderful Goodies Kate. John's going to love his room box. Looking forward to seeing it in the flesh..xx

Bear cabin miniatures said...

They're fabalous Kate, I love the mandrake :0) and John is going to be thrilled with his goodies on Father's Day. Poor Hywel will have to make do with chocolates!!
Julia xx

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

Can't wait to see John's roombox!!

Everything is getting so expensive anymore! Even mailing within the U.S. is getting higher and higher but at least we don't have to pay customs . . . well at least not yet!!!


Creepy_Creations said...

Kate, I'm so glad that you like everything, and thank you so much for the wonderful comments!! I'm blushing!! I can't wait to see John's present when your are done with it!! I'm sure it is going to look awesome!! I am also very curious to see what little project you are working on now with the jol!!

Thanks again for the post, and I also want to thank you for all your help!!


Tallulah Belle said...

Oooohhhh what wonderful things. John is going to be over the moon.

'Real' bikes are better than scooters :-)

I will keep my eye open for her work...I love it.