Sunday, 4 April 2010

No Eggs for me, but a Miniature treat for sure!!

Happy Easter Everyone! I must admit to having a nibble of the children's many eggs. They had fun this morning finding all their Easter treats ,and I had fun opening mine!

Just look at this fabulous Easter treat that I had from John this morning. Made by the oh so talented Debie Lyons, they have been plotting without me knowing again with this amazing Mandrake table for the Potter conservatory! you two are sneaky, but in such a good way!!

I am Soooo pleased thankyou Debie! I had a couple of benches and tables but no time to fill them and I think John knew Mandrake making wasnt going to be my thing, and knew the perfect person to ask to make the perfect table !!

It so cool, loads of goodies on it, all the mandrakes with their own little characters! Books, buckets of dung and so much more, its going to look great and Violetta cant wait for it to be put in place.

As soon as it is Ill show it off in situ, but heres the pics Debie sent to John for you to see.!
Debie also put a wonderful little potion board in the parcel so big Hugs to you Debie for making my Easter Sunday!
Miniatures are always the best pressie for me!

John and I have been having major clear outs recently to sell things on ebay and get some money together. John has been ruthless going through his garage and me with all the old baby things which is surprisingly difficult, lots of memories in those baby things ! But with Kensington coming up, I dont want to only be able to window shop and now they have the list of exhibitors up on the website, just know there are going to be so many tempting creations there. Not doing too well in saving that money so far though as I have already spent anything earned on new miniatures for our projects. Lots still to see so stick with us!
Off to cook Roast lamb for dins and see if I can sneek some more choccie from their huge stash!
Have a great day


Debie Lyons said...

Glad you are happy with your table. I like plotting surprises for people its fun LOL. Happy Easter.

Debie xxxx

Debbie said...

Fabulous Mandrake table by Debiekins. She's got some more wonderful creations coming soon!
Seems like your all enjoying Easter at yours Kate. You ought to put a link on your blog to your Ebay page. Enjoy the rest of the long

Debbie said...

Kate also meant to tell you your cottage got a mention over on this blog:-

Lize said...

She created a lovely table for you!
It is very hard throwing all those 'memories' out, so good luck with that.

Michelle's Mad World said...

It's a truly fantastic table and I knew it was Debie's work straight away! I also knew you might be getting one from something Debie told me. What a truly wonderful pressie AND it will last a lot longer than chocolate! lol FABULOUS! :o)

I'm still waiting for that parcel! I'm hoping it will turn up this week, 'everything' crossed!

Four of the five family members have left till Tuesday, so it's a bit more normal here till then! lol

Happy Easter to you all!
Michelle xxxx

The Old Maid said...

Beautiful table and Easter surprise!:)

Ascension said...

Feliz Pascua!!!!
Esa mesa es una maravilla!!!!!
Que preciosidad de detalles.
besitos ascension

Anneke said...

What a beautifull surprise! So sweet of them to plot that! :P
It's such a beautifull table!

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

And what a fabulous treat it is!!

Wishing you and yours a very blessed Easter!


Ingrid said...

i like it very much, it is wonderful

liefs Ingrid

Eva said...

The table is great!!! Congratulations

Kat The Hat Lady said...

Wow that's some easter egg ha ha! great table really cool. Debie's work is fantastic when I am well and have some money I must treat myself to some miniatures :-) tee hee.

Jean Day said...

You are so lucky!! It is absolutely fabulous!! Can't wait to see where you will put it. Happy Easter

Jain Squires said...

You lucky thing Kate. Much better for you than an easter egg, well, lasts longer!!!!! Love the table. Happy Easter. Love Jainx

The Old Maid said...

There is an award waiting for you on my blog :)