Friday, 2 April 2010

Oh to have this Scene in Miniature!

I must admit to getting a little Alice obssessed!
After looking through Lola's new book I realised I MUST recreate an Alice scene this year in Miniature........then Lola shows me this picure this morning and thats it, thats the scene I want to do! ( CANT GET IT TO GO ON IN THE BIG SIZE SO CLICK ON IT TO SEE IT FULL SIZE!)
A Mad Hatter tea party just like this, with colourful tables, lots of pretty china, and how I love the dormouse on the book stack! The Hatters chair would be wonderful to replicate too. You could even make paper Mache toadstools in the background.
So that is the aim.

My New years resolution to work on each project a little each month has not gone well, seeing as we are into April already, but thats not entirely my fault! I have been waiting on materials and now the paper is in for the Sweeney house so that should be next on my list. It will be held up still If I decide the trap door simply HAS to be done.
So in the mean time I think Snows house can be given some quick fixes. New colour on the walls, new fireplace and the upstairs gallery fitted in, not too big a job there. So if I get that done by the Summer, then in the day time I can spray and paint my houses that need doing outside, and in the evenings, can work on this fabulous hatter scene!

He he if life was that simple, and all went to plan like that. I can but dream. But whatever happens this is s definate on my TO DO list which is getting ever bigger!

Happy Easter to everyone. I have to admit I have never been one for doing much or decorating or making too much of Easter other than the Easter Egg hunt i do every year for the children. Little poems around the house as clues is always fun!
However having just visited the wonderful by Mercedes, I could be converted. Those decorations are adorable and the little house with all the Easter decor is too wonderful for words!! Go visit if you havnt already for an Easter treat! I love it all, so maybe next year!

Hope you all enjoy your chocolate.


Lize said...

I can't wait for you to do that Alice scene in miniature too! It looks so much fun to sit at those little tables under the toad stools!
Happy Easter to you too!

Debie Lyons said...

Now thats some project Kate. I have all sorts on the go myself and have a finishing day once a week when I finish at least 3 things (keeps me happy). I love the March Hare hes a dude. We saw the film on Wednesday and we all loved it. Happy Easter
Debie xxxxxxxx

Debbie said...

Kate, the picture of the Hatter's Tea Party, is coming up big when you click on it. It would be lovely in miniature. You could do it in a long display case with a backdrop behind.
Happy Hattering or that should be Happy Easter, hope you all have a lovely time and that the Easter Bunny has left lots of Eggs. xxx

Michelle's Mad World said...

It's a fantastic scene to recreate, I love all the bright colours and multitude of patterns too! :o)

Have a great Easter yourself and happy egg hunting too! It's horrid weather here and pouring with rain! Just waiting for my Sister etc to arrive from Luxembourg. :o)

Michelle xxx

Ara said...

This will be great!! Its never too early to start working on a new project!! It takes time to collect everything you need.... Love the idea of the giant paper mache toadstools!

The Old Maid said...

Go for it Kate!Happy Easter to you too!

Peach Blossom Hill said...

Joanna and I went to see Alice in 3- D yesterday and both of us loved it! That would be a wonderful scene to reproduce though beyond my capabilities. I loved the Mad Hatter's hat and the white rabbit's embroidered waistcoat and lace ruff and all of Alice's costume changes! It was a feast for the eyes!


Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

I agree, Kate, that is a wonderful scene!!!

Wishing you a very blessed Easter!


julie campbell said...

Kate this would just be so cool, I would love to see this recreated in miniature ! Would be so much fun making the huge headed queen too LOL
I've seen the film twice now and could happily watch it again ( and probably will !)
julie xxx

Kerry said...

Hi Kate, oooooh, I can't wait to see this in miniature!! I'm sure you will have lots & lots of fun creating it!! I wish you & yours a very Happy Easter :o) .x.

Christel Jensen said...

Kate:) It look so fun:) I am sure you can create that scene beautifully. I made the slightly darker variation as seen in the movie. Suits my mood;)..LOL