Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Check out this Amazing Sweeney Room Box!

We have a great time Wednesday and thanks to everyone for Lola's birthday messages! Had a lovely pub meal of scampi and chips then onto the cinema to see Nanny Mc Phee and the Big Bang! Reilly's birthday Monday so no let up on present buying !!

The film is brilliant! We couldnt decide which film we liked better, 1st or 2nd so have decided we love them equally! As always I watch with a different eye to the others, seeing what can be done in miniature!
The children are great little actors and I didnt realise one of my all time fav actresses Maggie Smith was in it, shes so great! Go see it if you get a chance!

Here is something I have been meaning to show you for days!

Before Christmas last year I read an article on Lesley Hughes of Ooak Diddy Dolls and we have kept in touch since I bought some of her wonderful dolls. Lesley specializes in fantasy dolls and you will love mine Im sure, but until they are in their settings to be shown off to their best, youll have to wait for that! Anyway we kept in touch and I emailed her before Minitura to see what she would be taking to the show, and Lesley came back with this!!

I was of course blown away , being in the middle of my own version of Sweeney Todds barber shop. Lesley has spookily created a room really similar to my own with the stripey peeling paper, similar chair and table, but of course they would be similar as weve both gone for trying to replicate the film version of Sweeneys room. I had told Lesley about alot of my projects but she didnt know I was doing Sweeney so she was pleased to hear I had my own version too!

This one is extremely gory so dont click to enlarge those pics if you have a weak disposition, loads of blood!!

I love it all, but what is so awesome ( sorry, a teenage word from my son but it really applies here!) is the fact that when the chair tips back, the trap door really opens and down goes the victim into the floor below!! You have to see this to really appreciate the brilliance and I am sooooo jealous! Apparantly it created lots of interest at Minitura, as I knew it would , so those of you that went have probably already seen it in action yourselves.

Lesley has been very kind and tried to help me out as much as possible to be able to do this with my lovely chair Ara made me. As you know Ara made it so that it would tip so Im halfway there. Trouble is I never listened much in Science when we did 'Levers' class so just am just not getting how to make it all work together. It may even come to me sending Lesley the floor and chair and letting the expert do it for me, as even John cant get his head round it. It is really kind of her to let me use the same technique as it should be exclusive to Lesley but thats how great she is!

Check out Lesleys new blog for more of her creations. This has to be my favourite and hope that soon I can show you my own Sweeney house and you will drool over it as much as I do this one!! on the blog you can click on the you tube video to see the chair working with the trap door! And also Lesleys new dolls from Alice In Wonderland!!


ooakdiddydolls said...

awww Kate thanks so much, you are very kind, you let me know when the parcel is on it's way and I will do all I can to help. I cant wait to see yours finished and shall be starting on your bits late next week. good luck with the nanny house and look forward to seeing that too, thanks again ...Lesley ooakdiddydolls

Debie Lyons said...

Awwwwwwww your children are so cute Kate. Its nice to hear that you had a fab time with your family and I hope Rielly has a lovely day on Monday.
Ara really did do a good job on that chair. Happy Easter.

Debie xxxxxx

Ara said...

Once again, your kids are just precious!!! Also thanks for showing us another version of the Sweeney room. I hope she can get the chair to work for you as you want it too! seeing it in action would be great!

Kaleidoskopic Romance said...

Wow. Just... WOW! Love it!

Debbie said...

Glad to hear Lola is recovered and enjoyed her Birthday treat.
Looking forward to seeing your Sweeney House finished Kate. x

The Old Maid said...

Great! Both children and room box!

julie campbell said...

Your children are just adorable Kate :0) cant wait to see the new nanny mcphee film,
Am really looking forward to seeing how you do your sweeney chair,completely missed this at Miniatura, your post was the first I heard of it, but it does look clever !
julie xxx

Michelle's Mad World said...

I almost missed this post!

WOW that box room is fabulous, I just love attention to detail! It all looks so real too!

Your children are adorable and
I'm glad that Lola got to enjoy her birthday at last and you all enjoyed the film too! I know the film critics highly rated it, and even higher than the 1st film! :o))

Look forward to seeing your new additions!
Michelle xxx

Lize said...

Oh my goodness! Those little faces are adorable! Are they for sale??

Now thanks for the warning about the Todd Room! But it came too late! I am not brave enough to create such a room! Being of an especially squeamish nature... my brain fills in more than it sees. I probably won't sleep for the rest of the week!

OK, I'll try and think about the cute little faces...don't think about the chair.. think three cute little faces...

Liberty Biberty said...

Gorgeous pic of the kids!
I just saw the comment you left me (I think we were visiting each other at the same time!!) I have to say I never decorated for Easter before I met Sylvia in the blogosphere last year! She got me started when she sent Liberty the eggs for the egg tree...and now I just can't stop, loL!