Sunday, 28 March 2010

Ive had a brain Wave!! New Project coming soon!!!

Well I finally made a desicion to keep the Snow White house as it is but to put it on the garden that came with Kates cottage! I agree with Julie from Bella belle Dolls that it needs a window to have the wicked queen come visiting with her apples and I dont want to start cutting Kates Cottage about so thats now the plan!
The Kates Cottage will offically be my good witch house. I may or may not put it on a base. Or I may just leave it as it is and put the little shed next to it for the witches potting shed.
I want it in homely style, not messy witch style, and would like a nice stove, witches cooking table etc in the downstairs room, and a rustic bedroom upstairs.

I was emailing Michelle yesterday and I am so envious of her fantastic projects and really would love to do a Nanny Mc Phee house of my own but couldnt think what to use.
Then this morning I was browsing the blogs and found Debbie from Tiny Treasures new posting on some lovley 1 24th scale furniture and it got me thinking of my own 1 24th scale house.
This house was another Ebay impulse buy, but as soon as i got it I sort of regretted it as it didnt inspire me at all.

BUT, i was looking through the pics on the computer today and found the ones of the house and it just hit me..............Nanny Mc Phee, its perfect! Check out the already brightly, loud decorated walls. It is already lit too! It did come with furniture but Id like to change it and hunt down some of the Avon things Debbie has, especially for the lounge, they would be perfect if in the right scale.
The poor house was bundled into my wardrobe when it came and has sat there ever since. Some of the trim has broken off in transit so I need to remedy that. But as its only a small house I wont have a problem finding room for it, for a change! it may be tricky getting a 1 24th scale nanny made but Ill cross that bridge when I come to it.

Michelle! exciting eh, and this time we wont be fighting over the same things as mine is in a different scale. Its lovley to meet people with such similar tastes though, so we can bounce ideas off each other, and with Julia ( Bearcabin miniatures) and Old Maid into the same themes too, we will all end up with great houses Im sure!

Have a fun Sunday, Im off to dig around for it, and get fiddling!!

Oh and perfect timing as tomorrow is Lolas 8th birthday and we are off to the cinema to see Nanny Mc Phee and the Big Bang. I also bought her the book so we can read it afterwards. Will let you all know what the film is like.


Debie Lyons said...

I like smaller scale houses Kate and it does fit in with a Nanny Mcphee theme. Happy Birthday Lola.
Debie xxxxx

Michelle's Mad World said...

I've seen kits for this house too and I wondered whether it was 1/24the scale. Style wise it IS ideal and perfect for Nanny McPhee and I wondered whether you'd make one. :o))

I have seen another house that will be perfect for Nanny McPhee too, just incase I change my mind over the current kit that I have.

I will email you later ole bean! ;o)

Michelle xxxx

Debbie said...

Kate I can't believe you had that lovely little House hidden away in your wardrobe. Mind you I'm one to talk.LOL. Its going to make a fab Nanny McPhee House. Glad the 1:24th scale furniture gave you the inspiration to dig it out.
I hope Lola has a wonderful Birthday and that you all enjoy the new film, it looks really good. xxx

Sabiha Barkey said...

Dear Kate, Love your houses and all the ideas yoy are playing with in your mind! Can't wait to see the results!

I wanted to say sorry forgetting to put the baskets on my blog...stupid me! I made the picture but forgot to select it on my blog!
I'm very happy with the baskets, the white one I will use for my Long Island house,someday I hope to own. I always first,collect mini's for a project so I can fill the project at onece when I get it.
The other one I use in my pantry, as a lot of the wooden mini's you sent me too!

Thank you again!

XXX Sabiha

Peach Blossom Hill said...

I love the Snow White house but I can't imagine working in a smaller scale than 1:12th! I feel like a clumsy giant sometimes in that scale! LOL! This will be interesting to see!


Sanschichis said...

I love this little house. I ordered it 3 years ago but the package been lost. She never came home. It makes me want to reorder.
You'll probably turn it superbly. I think I'll come back often to visit your blog!

Bear cabin miniatures said...

First things first...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOLA, I hope you have a fab 8th birthday :0)

Kate, That little house looks wonderful, I have always liked them but have never seen one in 'real life' only pics. Its great that you are doing a good witch house.... my new project is ... a messy witches house!! lol
Hywel bought me the most fantastic witch yesterday from Jain and I just have to make a scene around her! She is asleep on her threadbare chair and I bought a couple of little bits to go with her. All will revealed in tomorrows post. Its going to be great with us both doing a witches house at the same time, I can't wait :0)
Julia xx

ooakdiddydolls said...

hiya kate, great to see the piccys, cant wait to see the full project finished......lesley xx

Ara said...

This is such a cool house and I agree it will be perfect for Nanny McPhee!! New projects are always so exciting!

dora said...

Sus brujas se sentirĂ¡n de maravilla, en esta maravillosa casa.