Monday, 29 March 2010

Our Lola's 8th Birthday and her lovely Alice Book!

Today was our Lola's 8th birthday but all did not go to plan!
Poor little lamb woke up at 2.30 this morning sick.....again! Not sure if its something she ate that didnt agree with her or a bug! Seems the school say there is a nasty tummy bug doing the rounds again and being such a little mite she could have picked it up!

So her birthday plans were squashed rather. Still she had the day off to read her books and play with her pressies! As you can see by tonight she had her colour back and was much happier, just not too happy not to be able to eat her own birthday cake!
She loved her new conservatory and as always we bought her alot of books as shes a real book worm! ( oh and a 500 piece Simpsons puzzle with over 200 faces that we have been struggling with all day!!)

One of her favourites is here

Alice in Wonderland the Visual Guide. We got it in Wh Smith but Amazon have just dropped the price to about £8! Its a great book if you are planning anything to do with Alice. Ive sent Susan ( Tabitha) the link for her hatter shop and all doll makers would love it too! Plus there are some great potion bottles in there for the likes of Nikki! Jars of Buttered fingers, giant eyeballs etc that the White queen makes potions with !

It has great pics from the Movie and alot of info so a must for any Alice fans. Weve seen it twice now and love it to bits and it is a MUST for a project at some time in the future!

Here is a pic of the tea party id like to recreate with Hatter, hare and Dormouse in particular. Need to start collecting tea sets me thinks!

Hoping tomorrow is a better day so we can go and see Nanny McPhee, thats if no one else comes down with it again!
Lola says a big thankyou to all who wished her a Happy Birthday,all in all it wasnt too bad after all and this way it lasts abit longer too !


DollMum said...

I'm glad Lola got better as her birthday progressed - what bad luck to be poorly on the big day.

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

Happy Birthday, Lola!!! I hope you're feeling better real soon!! Your cake is so PRETTY, just like you!

Hugs and kisses,

ooakdiddydolls said...

awww she is so pretty kate, oh and I sooo need that book too lol. good luck with the tea party, cant wait to see it, boy you are a busy girl lol xx

Debbie said...

Oh bless her heart poor Lola being sick on her Birthday. Still at least she got to stay at home with her presents. The Alice book looks great, I'm sure there's a few out there that will like it.
I hope Lola is feeling better tomorrow so that she can go and see Nanny McPhee..xxxx

Deni said...

Happy Birthday to Lola!
So sorry she was sick thats sad especially on your birthday!
I must go see Alice in Wonderland oh I should go today!
Luv the book!

Tallulah Belle said...

poor Lola :-( Hope she feels much better soon.

That book looks fab. I am attempting some of the singing flowers from the movie right now lol.

There is a wonderful Alice book that is a pretty elaborate pop up by Robert Sabuda. My Son has been using it as part of his Art college course.

Creepy_Creations said...

Oh Wow! I hope your daughter had a great birthday! She is so cute!! Next month my daughter will be 8 too!


Ara said...

Happy Birthday to Lola. I am so glad she was able to enjoy some part of her bday! She looks very happy! That book does look wonderful :)

Peach Blossom Hill said...

Poor Lola! Hope she is better! I have promised my Joanna, 10, we will go shopping for her Easter dress tomorrow on my day off and go see Alice!


Jean Day said...

Lola is a sweetie, so lucky to have that beautiful book. Sorry she was sick on her Birthday.

Kat The Hat Lady said...

Lovely photo Lola is so pretty :-). I hope her birthday was ok even though she was poorly!
I love the book I think I might have to get that for me tee hee :-). By the way I have sent you and Lola a little parcel :-D Enjoy Nanny McPhee! I loved the first one.

Marinbambu said...

happy birthday, lola!! If you want to visit my blog:

Liberty Biberty said...

A belated 'Happy Birthday' to little Lola!