Friday, 19 March 2010

My full size Cupboard makeover

Yesterday I was busy making over a small bedside Cupboard.
We are very excited as my eldest daughter Emily who has been living with her Dad for a while now, is coming home to live again! She has been very homesick for some time but as her Fashion Course at college is nearby their home hasnt been able to come back to live until its finished. She visits all holidays and some weekends but its not the same!

She has been going for interviews at several Universitys to do a BA in Fashion Design and has been accepted at all of them, clever girl. Her work is pretty amazing if I do say so myself!
Anyway after much thought she has chosen to go to Epsom University of Art and Design which we are happy about for 2 reasons.
Firstly it has a great name, and 95 % of their graduates have fantastic jobs in the Fashion industry in top brand companys . The course is a small Uni but all the students are studying fashion, photography, journalism etc so its great as they all get together to do their projects and it gives them a real insight inot the Fashion world and how each job interacts with the other in the industry. She will get fab work experience there, and they go to Italy, France, even Australia for work experience in their year 2 and 3!

But the main reason Im happy is shes coming home to live! Even if just for a year so she can save some money in her first year. The she will see how it goes and maybe move in somewhere with otherr students.

So at home we have been busy moving to make a room for her,. Before she moved out, she shared with the girls, who are now 7 and 3 and really too young for her to share with anymore, and too loud!! We only have 3 bedrooms....BUT we have a huge dining room so weve made it into a bedroom! Its has worked out really well and it really cosy. Ive painted it a warm Aubergine colour, put up new curtains, new black wrought iron Day bed etc. She will choose the rest of the decor.

I found a little cupboard at the charity store , very shabby, and painted it black and matched the trim in the aubergine. then shabbied it further by sanding the edges to see the white underneath. Looks cute in her new room.

BUT, I can no longer close the door! He He! Now Marsha, if you are reading this do you have this problem when you do all your wonderful furniture makeovers??!!! It only has 1 coat of paint but now it sticks and despite sanding, wont close so Im going to have to really sand hard to remove whatevers making it stick!! Still , a lesson learnt!
Had fun, hope you like it, and hope Emily does too!

Back later with pics of what Ive bought with my birthday pennies, and what the postman bought today!


Debie Lyons said...

What good news for you Kate. Our daughter is at Uni and we dont see her very often. Its amazing how you can fit extra bods in a house. We divided up a large bedroom upstairs last year and turned our house into a 4 bedroom. Shes going to love having a room all to herslef. I love that cabinet too. Nothing like a good find.
Debie xxx

Debbie said...

Kate get a candle and rub it on the door that will help it move more freely. The only other thing to do is rub the door down a bit more.

Creepy_Creations said...

That is such good news about your daughter! I love the cabinet! We just redid a desk for my daughters room, it looks like your before pic. It's white with pink on it, but of course she's 7. I wish I got a before pic of the desk, it was terrible. Looked like somebody took an axe to the top of it. My husband had to use a lot of wood putty, but now you can't even tell. Before I paint my jewelry boxes, I really have to sand them down so they don't stick and also do what Debbie said about the candle or use soap or furniture wax.

Great Work!!


Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Debie, I cant wait til she moves back, we can do girly things like go shopping together and she can dye my greying hair lol!! xx

Debbie thanks for the advice Ill try that tomorrow. I didnt put too much paint on so its really annoying its sticking! xx

Hi Jamie! Now Im no painter like you, so its just a quick makeover! I would have loved to do a design on the front panel but Im going to see if Emily wants a decoupage of a black and white flowery design on the front , easier than painting as my hands not too steady! Before it was peeling badly and dirty so it does look better and fits in nicely with her room. Got me in the mood now though so I may scour the charity shops for more things to paint up for her room, maybe a picture frame!

Tallulah Belle said...

Where there's is a will there's a way. A dinding room makes for a great bedroom.

Glad she is coming home for a will be wonderful for both of you.

I love the cabinet...great job.

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

Hey, Kate, I don't think it's your painting :) By the photo of what it looked like before, it appears that the door wasn't closing tight.

Love the new colors!!