Friday, 19 March 2010

What the Postman bought me!


My 3rd Post of the Day!
Well today John needed me to help out by coming with him to pick up something for his car, and not having a Sat Nav, needed me for directions. Unfortunatly I had to stay in to wait for my new dollshouse! Well he'd only been gone 15 minuites and the doorbell rang and it arrived, isnt that always the way! So he had to struggle finding his way while I had fun at home fiddling around with the new house!

Im so pleased with it, it is definatly a Sid Cooke, as Michelle told me yesterday, and thats great as their houses are so well made and solid! It even has a back door and back windows! Although the decor is nice, Im stripping it and having a raspberry red for all the trim outside, doors, etc and redoing all the interior walls to give a luxurious salon. Im having posh chandeliers for lighting. A shame it wasnt lit but as the flooring needs redoing so I can drill the holes when I do that. The only broken thing is the bannister and no stair rail , and 1 chimney pot so hoping thats all easy to find. But its a perfect size on the landing sideboard. Looks fab already.

The postman also bought a small box and look what is inside!
This magnificent Perelli Top Hat for the Sweeney house!
Thankyou so much Kat the Hat!! The perfect addition to the barber shop, it will go down the side of my trunk. The colouring of the ribbon is a great match to Julies wonderful arm she made me, and it even has a little 'peacock ' feather !
Kat's Hats are always brilliant and I love it so much!
Im held up on the house as Im still waiting on the wallpaper, it wont be in til Easter so Ill get on with that house after the Easter holidays i think and then can really get a move on with it filling it up!


Bear cabin miniatures said...

It looks lovely, what a find. It is going to make a terrific beauty salon. I can't wait to see the raspberry red trim :0) Wonderful.
Julia xx

Debbie said...

Lovely House Kate. Bet your itching to get started. Love Kat's Hat. xx

Creepy_Creations said...

Wow, you have been busy today! Very cool stuff!!


Peach Blossom Hill said...

This is wonderful! I am envious! And the hat is wonderful as well. We will finally get around to wiring Joanna's dollhouse which has sat in various stages of incompletion in my basement for two years now. I told her we would work on the wiring during spring break, two weeks from now.


Michelle's Mad World said...

Three posts in one day! lol Gosh, I can never keep up! lol You have some lovely new mini's and the salon will be great, it's in great condition and a fabulous buy! ;o)

Your daughter's new bedroom sounds fab and I'm sure she'll love the makeover furniture. :o))

Michelle xxx

dale said...

What a great house!

WendiesMiniWorld said...

The postman bought me some wonderful goodies too!!! :o) Thank you very much for the wonderful table you made me, it told me where to put it it as soon as I saw it, I love it, thanx. XXX
If you look on my blog you can see the pics of them in their new home :o)

Kat The Hat Lady said...

Hey it looking cool :-)