Thursday, 18 March 2010

My New Hairdresser/Beauty Salon and Lola's Project

Out with the old and in with the new here is one of my Birthday pressies I promised to show. It arrives tomorrow and no doubt as do all the houses I buy it will come in disrepair, Parcelforce arnt too great at delivering them in tact it seems but I saw it and knew it would make the perfect salon so took the chance!

I think, not definate its a Sid Cooke house, it looks that style anyway, and is already nicely decorated but no doubt Ill change that when it arrives.

Downstairs will be the main Hair salon and upstairs, 2 rooms, 1 for the couch and waxing trolley ertc and the other as a make up /facial room.

I owned my own Beauty salon when I was 21 so its fun to recreate it in miniature! I have been making sketches of a salon opened near me which is all done in a shabby chic French style with ivory chairs and elaborate mirrors and dressers for all the bottles etc so I may well also sell all my original gold sink units and make new ones to match this look.

Also on ebay I grabbed this £10 bargain for Lola. Lola has an Alison Junior house that come the summer we will paint up and add her conservatory but she would also like a hat shop/ Perfumerie so this will be great! It is the shell of a Jenny Wren shop from DHE but was missing the frontage. Not sure yet it we will make a new one or leave it openplanned! It is half done so she can decide if she wants to change the decor, I expect so!

So thats 2 new houses, I still have more new projects to show you.

Our own conservatory has now been made into the dollshouse room, as the house was getting bogged down with them. ( I still have 2 in the main bedroom and 2 on the landing, 2 in the Hall !) I have 2 sideboards with 2 houses no each, and 2 small tables with a shop on. I am going to be more ruthless this year though and have decided on which houses to keep and which to go, and already have 4 or 5 to go to the car boot this summer to make room for my newer houses. I think you learn as you get more into the hobby which style suits you and I have purchased such lovely character houses over the last couple of years that the simpler ones i got at the beginning now can be sold on to others to enjoy.

Right back outside now, its a lovely day and Im spray painting a full size cupboard for my eldest daughter Emily's new room!! Will show you the results later!


Bear cabin miniatures said...

It looks lovely Kate. It is going to make a fab beauty salon. I have been downsizing my houses too and have sold my earlier houses. I love starting a new project, but space is a problem for us aswell.
Have I missed your birthday?
Julia xx

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Julia, John is very tolerant, good job he enjoys the hobby too and appreciates nice dollshouses as we have so many around the house and if either of us see another one we like he never grumbles but just finds another home for it! This will go on the landing and am looking forward to doing something more girly for a change! My birthday was in Feb, had a great time,and as always I was 33 ....again for another year!!!!!(in my dreams!!) Kate xx

dale said...

This sounds like it's going to be a fun project.

It looks great.

Debbie said...

Fantastic Kate. New projects to work on. I bet Lola is excited. Will be doing a post especially for you later Kate about Scrapbooking. xxx

Michelle's Mad World said...

I missed this post when it was new! Too many posts, I can't keep up! lol

It is a Sid Cooke House, this is the kit I was thinking of having as Honeydukes. :o)) What wonderful things you pick up on Ebay! I miss them all! lol

Michelle xxx

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Im excited now I know it is Sid Cooke the quality should be good then! I missed out on a fabulous Sid cooke corner shop from the same lady, I wanted to get both but it went higher than I could afford. It was still a bargain, only went for £70 odd pound which for that shop is cheap but when you have as many projects to fill as I have and a limited budget each month, I could only afford to bid so much. BUT I got the most incredible bargains last week when I bought Lolas project, wait til you see them and find out how much they cost!! It is worth keeping an eye out for houses on ebay but putting in distance first as you search as then you have no postage to pay and they dont get wrecked in the post!! I have learnt that now, this shop that comes tomorrow will be my last I have posted, it costs too much to send! Kate xx

julie campbell said...

what a bargain Kate, it looks fab and I love your ideas for the interior.such a lovely project and unusual too !
julie xxx

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Julie, Im changing the green to a deep red for the trim but all the rest will be in antique creams and very posh, very opposite to the mucky grungy Sweeney shop so they will have to be kept in different rooms! xx