Wednesday, 17 March 2010

How I love my Wonderful Husband and my New Miniatures!!!!

I hope everyone in the UK had a wonderful Mothers Day. I certainly did and was absolutly spoilt rotten as always!
But this year John surpassed himself by really surprising me with not one, but 2 fabulous new miniatures from the oh so talented Debie Lyons, how lucky am I !!!!

Last week as you know we were all poorly so didnt get much time for blogging but John kept his eyes peeled for Mothers Day pressies and when he say Debie's posting on some of her new creations he jumped in quickly and managed to purchase this awesome Wizards table on Etsy. ( I was in bed at the time and it was all done craftily behind my back!!)
Complete with loads of potions, books, scrolls, etc this really is the most well put together table I think Ive ever seen! I love this style of work where everything is just toppling over, incredibly overflowing and messy in such a clever way. My favourite things are the books, they are so well aged and look perfect in my potion room. John knows me so well and what I love and he knew I would be so dissapointed if I missed out on this so thankyou darling John for being so thoughtful. It really is very me!
And it came in time for Mothers Day, already beautifully wrapped by Debie, and gift boxed by John.

He then told me I had another gift to come as he tried to get me Merlin on DVD but Tesco didnt have it so thought hed get me another Miniature instead.
So having sneakily emailed Debie before, he contacted her again to purchase the Amazing Troll Foot Umbrella stand that she had only just finished !

This arrived just now and WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Things are always even better in the flesh and this certainly is. Those nails are quite gruesome Debie but in a great way! I have put it at the foot of the stairs and now need to fill it. I have just popped in my elf head umbrella I made a while back . But it looks so at home like its always been there!
Thankyou Debie, for your kindness and for all your hard work. Your miniatures just get better and better and I am so proud and pleased to be able to add them to our collections!
Our Harry Potter house is coming along so well now, I have several other pieces in the pipeline that I hope to be able to show off this year, and it makes me so happy that all our blogging friends are now part of that house, ( and others) with dolls, accessories and furniture made by all the people we now know and love through blogging!

I had some other great gifts, will be showing them off later this week, and still have my birthday gitfts to show so stay tuned. One of them arrives Friday, and it is a new house to use as my hairdresser / beauty salon. I love my salon but the actual shop was quite childlike and had basic wooden windows etc so John bought me a Sid Cooke house on ebay second hand with bay windows and 2 upstairs rooms I can use as a beauty salon and waxing/ make up room! Im excited to take all my goodies out of the old one which I can then sell and restyle the new one!
So back in a few days with more pics of our collections. In the mean time, huge hugs to Debie, and keep those wonderful ideas coming Debie, and we hope to add more of your incredbile work to our collections very soon!!

Lets hope I can surprise John in as nice a way for Fathers day ! I have 2 things planned already, both miniatures, one to be made for me, the other by myself when i can find the time!!


WendiesMiniWorld said...

ooh you lucky thing to have such a considerate hubby! when my hubbs bought a motorbike for himself I got a crash helmet for my birthday and a leather jacket for xmas! when he got into golf I got golf lessons.... do you see a pattern building? I know he wants me to share his hobies but there is a limit! maybe I should buy him a dolls house?? LOL if my hubbs ever did anything as thoughtful as yours I think Id fall over in shock!!

dale said...

What a thoughtful husband, you are so lucky!

That wizard's table is incredible.

Tabitha Corsica said...

Oooh lucky duck! I wondered who had snatched up that table and umbrella stand. Deb's work is stellar indeed.


Debie Lyons said...

Kate it makes me happy to see my creations go to good homes to be be looked at and enjoyed. Thank you so much for your kind words.
Right, back off to my work room LOL
Debie xxx

Kim said...

what wonderful gifts- and so much more special because they are made by such a talented blogging friend. Love it all but the umbrella stand is absolutely fabulous!!

Debbie said...

You must have been so excited when you opened your pressies Kate. I'd spoken to Debie and she told me John had brought the table for you..I'm so glad Debie, has finally found the macro button on her camera. Her photo's were not doing her fabulous creations justice. Can't wait to see what else you've got..

Michelle's Mad World said...

Fabulous, fabulous fabulous! The table and the troll’s foot go so amazingly well in your Potter House! They look superb! John has exceedingly good taste when it comes to mini buying! ;o)) I’m also pleased that Debie’s superb work has gone to such a lovely person too! :o) I own some of her wonder creation and they are fantastic and so different too. I know you’ll love them to bits! I can’t wait to see you new mini wonder’s!

Michelle xxx

julie campbell said...

Ooh you lucky duck Kate !
any you have the amazing trolls foot !!!!!
Debies work is fab and looks so good in your house :0)
julie xxx

Julie Kendall said...

Lovely husband you have there and wondeful gifts too.
I have seen Debies new hat and its fab.....your soo lucky having that foot....mind the toes are still a bit too grim for me to look at for too

Bear cabin miniatures said...

Lovely pressies Kate, the table is superb and the trolls foot... those toe nails... fab, but I agree with Julie, I can't look at them for too long!
Julia xxx