Thursday, 18 March 2010

New Nanny Mc Phee Film out soon Yipee!

Im such a big kid, just saw a clip on TV for the New Nanny Mc Phee Film out on March 26th! Michelle, wish you were closer, you could come with us. John and I will be there, Nanny Mc Phee is one of our top 5 films we love , ands as its Lola's birthday on 29th March what better way to celebrate , and what better excuse for us to see it! Looks like its set in a beautiful Old English Farmhouse . Must admit though I did love the original house it was set in with all those loud colours. A great project that would be and cant wait to see Michelle's version! Heres the website to see clips, gallery pics etc to get you in the Nanny Mood!
Looks great, another Must see. Still have to go see Alice too though!


Christel Jensen said...

Hi Kate
Oh how wonderful. I did love the first movie and of course will see this one too. Thanks for the reminder:)

Debbie said...

I've just been over to look at the trailers. There's quite a few famous faces in it. I loved the other Film and this looks just as good. xx

Michelle's Mad World said...

I wish I lived closer too, I'd gladly share the popcorn etc.! lol :o) I loved the first film, yes such wonderful colours and super to look at! The new one looks great too!

I can't wait to start on my mini version of Nanny McPhee's cottage, alas I can't yet.

I hope you enjoy the film!
Michelle xxxx

julie campbell said...

Oh I LOVE nanny macphee !! I have plans tomake her ;0) and have watched the first movie a few times now. I will probably wait for this to come out on dvd though as I have no children to bribe to come with me now mine are all grown and ellie is only 1 LOL
kate my mirror and fab frame arrived today so thank you, thank you,I cant wait to do something with them !
julie xxx

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Hey all! I was tempted to buy the book today to read before we go, but think Ill let it all be a surprise, looking forward to going, wish you all lived near so we could all go together, a big girly group!
Glad the mirrors arrived Julie, have fun with them. No doubt if you make a big one Ill be wanting to buy it from you as I missed out on ther last bigun! he he!!! Kate xx

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Sorry i have not visited recently. Been so busy and been unable to comment everywhere.
This film looks fab. Saw it advertised last night and love the look of it.
Nobody here will want to see it at the cinema so will wait until its out on sky tv or dvd.
Nikki xxx

Jean Day said...

Looking forward to seeing this one too, so imaginative!