Saturday, 3 April 2010

What the Postman bought for us All!

Well , John is sitting shouting at the TV for his team Chelsea to beat Man United at the football, so I have come into the bedroom for some peace and quiet and an escape from the commentary!! ( ooh they have just scored and he's getting very loud and excited lol!)
So Im here to show off what the postman bought in the last few days.

Firstly a parcel from the wonderful Kat , who so kindly sent us some bits to play with for out houses!
Kat always seems to time it perfectly sending us something in time for the school holidays, and the children adore it when a package from her arrives!

So after trying to share it all out fairly, Lola has 'aquired' the hat and stand for her hat room box.
She has now changed her mind ( Hmmm now who does she take after!!) and has turned her 2 storey new project into a Bramley Hedge mouse house. This will be fun, alot of rustic minis, a homely kitchen full of woodland goodies , and a mouse bedroom. ( she is hoping Jain makes some mice for Kensington as she is coming with me to the show . Wink wink Jain!) So her little single room box she has is now to be her fantasy hat shop, with Witch hats, Mad Hatter Hats, anything out of the ordinary. A girl after my own heart, nothing 'normal' will do! Her hat will fit in beautifully and she wont let me have it!

Reilly has been having fun with the bugs and spiders, and Lacey has even been making things with the beads and material, cutting and sticking to her hearts content!
I have some lovely jars, bottles and great containers to make into large cauldrons too! Great for the New witches house
So thankyou Kat, you are such a special and kind freind, and we really appreciate your treasures you send us! There was lot more than this, bats, more bugs, skeletons, gravestones etc but the children had already grabbed and ran with them before I got the shot!

Also today came the Sweeney goodies I have had made by Leslie from
Last year Leslie made me a fantastic gothic bed and so when I wanted some furniture made I knew who to ask!
This lovely Victorian meat cabinet will go in Mrs Lovett's pie shop. The victorian cupboard is fantastic, not sure what room that will go in yet.
The sewing box in the parlour room, and this incredible Sweeney razor box in the barber shop, sticking out from under a floorboard somewhere! I have to make some silver razors for it, maybe from fimo, Ill give it a go!
Lesley Hughes has kindly agreed to make me afew things to for the barber shop, a lovely leather strop and razor holder, so Im getting there with accessories!
I am thrilled with my new furniture and thanks Leslie for the time and detail to these wonderful pieces.

Easter Sunday tomorrow. John and I dont get each other eggs, but do still treat each other with a surprise or 2! So time to get wrapping and hiding eggs for the children! Dont eat too much choccie!


Debbie said...

Kat is such a lovely lady. I can just imagine the children with all those goodies.
Your purchases are lovely Kate. They are beautifully made. Looking forward to seeing them in place.
Happy Easter...xx

The Dangerous Mezzo said...

Isn't it wonderful to get things in the post? I love the pieces that you had made by Wightcraft -- I've admired their work for a while, now, but haven't ordered from them yet. That may change, soon!

Love your blog :)