Friday, 10 September 2010

And of Course they could ONLY be Kats Fabulous Alice Hats!!!

Of course my new hats could only be from Kat the Hat herself, who else!!

I bought a great long narrow room box a while back and decided it was the ideal Alice Hatter room and have been busy picking out furniture and dressing it, reupholstering etc, and all I have to do now is decide on the actual flooring and wall covering and it can all go in.

Of course I Had to have several of the Red Queen's Hats and there was only one person to ask and Kat gladly took up the task. I think you can see for yourselves from the pictures, that Kat really enjoyed making them, and Id like to say the biggest thank you as Kat made these at the very difficult time for her when her lovely Nan had just passed away. Although I told her to leave them for a while she wanted to finish them and said it helped take her mind off things and cheer her up abit so I'm glad they did that Kat, and you can really see how much hard work, imagination and perfection has gone into making each and every one!

Kat made up the designs, just using a few pictures for the film and from props used in the film as inspiration and her own materials and she then kindly gave some to me to use in the room box. Kat knows how I love over the top Hats, with lots of feathers and embellishments so these were exactly what I had in mind and more!!

The stands were once again ideas from Kat but made by myself. Kat suggested I take apart old hat stands and replace the centre shaft with a longer stem. For this I used bannisters! With the others, I used old wooden wheels and polystyrene circles from Hobbycraft, and for 2 of the others, I used wire and fimo and then added detailing to them, baked them and added fancy filagree feet! Then I just painted and gilded them.
This gives me all sorts of varieties in height for displaying the hats on.

All of the Hats except one will be standing on display in the room box. The hat on the small stand is for my hat table, as is an unfinished hat Kat sent me .

Thankyou Dear Kat for all these special and wonderful creations, and for all the extra goodies you sent me. When you see the table I think you will see just how much I have managed to use on the project and I'm hoping you will love the result as much as I do!!

But before I show off the table, I have more Fabulous Alice goodies to show you from other friends and fellow bloggers so don't go away!!!

Plus the most fantastic new dragons to show off to you which you will adore as i do, just the very best of work from another blogging friend!


Kat the hat lady! said...

:-D glad you like them, lovely write up, thank you for mentioning Nan she was my biggest hat fan and I miss her dreadfully! I love the hat stands they are so cool!

Oberon's Wood said...

Blimey...these are little treats on a hat stand!
What more could you want?

I see you have another big project on the this usual for you?
You have definately caught the mini bug...there's no cure you know :0)

Speaking of cures...the verification word is "sickey" weird eh?

Tabitha Corsica said...

Will you look at all those Red Queen hats! Excellent job, Kat (as ususal). And a very lucky Kate to have them all for her own!

Anxiously awaiting to see the finished room. How exciting!

Michelle's Mad World said...

These have to be some of the best hats I have seen Kat make! I love them...the hearts ones are my favourites! :o))

I can't wait to see the box room! :o)

Michelle xxxx

Julia said...

Wow, wonderful hats, they are superb, I love the colours. It must be Kat's day today, I have popped a post on about my hats from Kat today! It's that 'great miniature minds' thing again! :0)

Can't wait to see your room box and your other buys, especially the dragons.

Julia @ bearcabinminiatures xxxx

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Love the Hats! black and red are favorites. Your hat stands are stellar! Can't wait to see your finished room Kate.

Victoria ♥

The Old Maid said...

Beautiful hats! How could it be different when they are made by Kat?;)

Sheltiebud said...

Adore your hats - I have a great passion for Victorian and i spy a few that could be used in that time

just lovely

Janice said...

I can tell I am going to really enjoy reading your blog even more than usual over the next few posts.
So many lovely items, I can't wait to see them in situ.
Fabulous hats Kate.

Debbie said...

Absolutely beautiful Hats by Kat. She's certainly gone to town and they are

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Thanks everyone, I think these are some of my favourite hats yet. The room box is coming on, just deciding on colours and then I can start to fill it. But will show off the furniture first so you will have more to look at soon. Kate xx

KC-Design said...

Wonderful hats. I love the red and black too (-: