Thursday, 9 September 2010

Much to catch up on. Loads of Wonderful new Minis!

Well the children are back to school and I will have 3 mornings a week now all to myself, so this will be my Mini and blogging catch up time. ( After the ironing, hoovering and dusting of course lol)

I have been making some fantastic purchases over the 6 week summer break so have loads to show you, and have also been quite busy in the last week or 2 with some projects of my own to show off.

Thankyou so much to everyone who supported me in my Ebay sales, thanks to you I have been able to add some beautiful new miniatures to my collection which you will be able to see for yourselves. I really appreciated you buying some of my furniture and I still have quite a few boxes left to go through and sell so look out for more soon!

Right, where to start!

Ill go from most recent backwards i think.

This week I have had 3 parcels. 2 of these from the States from the lovliest and most talented of miniaturists.

Firstly Id like to show off all my miniatures made for Emily and I ( and a lovely pressie for Lola too!) by Lorraine of

We asked Lorraine to make us lots of different minis for both my own projects and Emily's Merlin roombox.

They arrived this week and we were blown away by Lorraine's talent and attention to detail, everything is just fabulous!

I am showing the pics that Lorraine took herself until I put the minis into our projects and will show them off again once in situ in their rightful homes.

Between us we wanted lots of potion bottles, herbs, skulls, candles etc, and the selection is brilliant. Emily adores the waxy look candles so much and is determined to give her candles another go now to try and make some more! The skull Em wanted was an open topped one for putting scroll, feathers etc, and 1 to have as an ink well and Lorraine designed and made this all herself. Emily also gave her the challenge of an animal skull and I think even Lorraine was chuffed to bits with how this badger skull turned out! Em already has plans for more skulls now!

We also had pumpkins in both plain and with faces on, made to stand next to these awesome gravestones. I will reveal the project they are going into soon!
In the same project will stand my tree. It stands at 7 1/2 inches tall and is just the right size for where its going and came completely intact which is because Lorraine had packed it out perfectly with loads of bubblewrap!

Also for this scene will be one of my favourite items that Lorraine made, and they are the Nightmare before Christmas Jars. I sent Lorraine a picture of the jars from the film and they came back to me, EXACTLY as in the picture, just incredible work!!

Lola has 2 beautiful items that Lorraine's talented daughter made for her made her but wants to show them off on her blog so I' m leaving that to her but we would all like to say a HUGE thank you to Lorraine and her daughter for all this hard work. I literally cannot stop buying now to add to my collection and have ordered some more pieces from Lorraine's Etsy store, so please go and check it out, there are some great minis in the shop and loads more to come as Lorraine's imagination is bursting it seems with all these ideas!

Back later with parcel number 2. Need to see if I can get my poor old camera to work first!


The Old Maid said...

Lorraine makes most beautiful miniatures! Great purchases!!

Marisa Stein said...

I think my fav is the old tree!

Michelle's Mad World said...

Truly fabulous mini's! :o)) You all must be chuffed to bits I would be and more! lol I'm soooo glad that the tree made it one piece I was worried about it.

I can't wait to see them in situ...I hope it's not too long away?! :o))

Michelle xxxx

Janice said...

Wow! These are wonderful, a great advert for 'if you can't do shop' which is becoming my mantra!

Lorraine's work is wonderful and she is such a kind and generous lady.

I know that once my big project starts moving I will be heading her way.

The tree is spectacular!

Kat the hat lady! said...

Great to have you back on blog I have missed your posts. WOW you have got some fab miniatures! Very Cool!I love the jars very Tim Burton!

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Thanks all, they are really superb miniatures and Im so looking forward to putting them all in their homes, and buying more of course !!! Kate xxx