Thursday, 7 May 2009

Another great Award!

Thankyou today to Julie from for this great award, I think if I get it right its about friendship in blogging so I have to award this to the following lovely people and their fantastic blogs. I know some of you may have it already so now you have it twice...or more !! Oh and of course Julie's blog is one of my top of the blogs too!!!!

and to Nikki , but this time for her other great blog , The 2 wonderful ladies , who , I wont say pestered, but more gently persuaded John and I to start a blog in the first place. Who so kindly helped me to see that getting back into making miniatures and doing our projects was the very best way to take my mind off the not so good bits of everyday life that have plagued us since Christmas. I thought 2009 was going to be 'One of those years!' not good from the start, but since blogging and getting back into the hobby I love it has meant its got better and better so thankyou so much both of you, and thankyou too for such inspiring work that both John and i enjoy to drool over on your fabulous blogs! We are very proud to own such amazing and original miniatures made by these great miniaturists.

Next to my Mate Kat, Just love all Kats blogs, but this blog award goes to her Gothic page, which we love, such great gothic goodies!
Kat is a great friend and has been since i 'met' Kat on Ebay when she was tremendously helpful in helping me to find reasonable priced hats for my daughters hat shop. Once I saw her hats, I had to have a shop too, to fill with all Kat's creations, and then another to house all her wonderful and addictive witches hats! So thankyou Kat for always being there for me to have a moan and for all your great goodies you send, emails and pictures you send to inspire me and to get my 'but' into gear and do some minis! I promise to get myself motivated and to make some minis this year!

Another fantastic miniaturist and lovely lovely lady with a great blog is Vicky Guile, who is always so helpful and freindly , always offering help and tips for me and giving great ideas for the houses. From the first email from Vicky i knew we were very similar with our tastes and thats another reason I love to catch up on her blog to see what amazing work she has been creating. And I love or chatty emails , another lady id like to eventually meet in person .

To Jodi at I love the way that blogging brings you closer to people all over the world, and Jodi is one of these amazing people that although she lives in the US, so many miles away and is I would say one of THE very best dollmakers in the business, she makes you feel from her lovely comments on everyones blogs, that she is merely 'down the road', and will chat to you as a friend just like your neighbour would that youve known for years. She has a great blog in which she not only shows us step by step insights to her fantastic projects but also gives us a great laugh every day with her amusing blogging. She always finds the time to comment on our blog and to reply in 'person' to each and every individual comment on her own blog, so as a freindly blog who could ask for more!

To Mary, wonderful lady who always makes the most helpful and kind comments on our blog. Mary's new blog is always such a fun read, one of our favourites to read being Harry Potter based, she has an incredible way of writing each posting in a make believe way that is just adorable! And Mary is so thoughtful, she went out of her way to find us something to post on her blog for our project thankyou Mary!

To Jayne , offers such helpful advice, and who recently put herself out to post a paperclay project for me when I was struggling for answers. Jayne is another one of these incredible ladies who can make you feel like you can ask her anything and she'll do anything to help. I mean take those Foxgloves she made for Nikki, who else do you know who would have perservered in that way , never giving up until she produced the most unbelievable and lifelike foxgloves youve ever seen, with not a moan ( well ok maybe a little one but she is human!!) to hear of!! A great blog, and a lovely freindly blogger

Supposed to be 7? ..............Oh well, hers an 8th cos I cant leave out Marsha,!!! She loves pink and chocolate and Betty Boop so she is a girl after my own heart to start with, not to mention that she always leaves such kind and motivating comments on our blog, and is just the kind of lady youd love to meet , so we are so pleased we got to know you in blogland Marsha, even if we are too far way to ever meet in person!!

As this is a blog award for freindliness it is difficult to leave anyone out so it should be awarded to ALL for everyones 'blogging' friendship' , for finding the time out of busy miniturists lives not only to read our blog and follow it, but to leave such great comments too, thanks to all!!!!!


Sassy Mini Dolls said...

Oh, my, Kate, you are so sweet! Thank you for the lovely award! Now, you know, never say never, I may get on a plane one day and come visit you and Debbie and Kat the Hat Lady and Kerry Alexander!! What FUN we would have!! Boop-boop-de-boop :) Hugs

Mary said...

Haha, Kate and John, right back at you with the award. Thank you both so much!

Debbie said...

Thank you so much Kate & John. I'm so glad Nikki & I pestered you to start blogging. As you can see there's lots of wonderful people out there in the blogosphere that are glad you did..
Mini Hugs x

P.S. Hope John is on the mend now..

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Really nice comments for everyone and from the heart.
Thank you loads for the award and going to award it to people tomorrow.
Its my third today!
It really is much appreciated.
Best wishes... Nikki x

Jodi said...

Hello Kate and John...

I am deeply honored to receive this award from you both... and very touched by your kind words...please know that this means so much to me...

BIG Hugs