Friday, 22 May 2009

Gold Guy Award

A Big Thankyou this morning to Mary of for 2 Awards for our blog, the beautiful Butterfly Cool Blog Award, and this little Gold Guy Award. We adore Mary's blog, after all, as we have no new JK Rowling masterpieces to keep us enthralled, we have to get our weekly Potter dose from somewhere, and where better than Mary's blog! its like reading a Rowling Novelette ( is that a word?????) on each posting, so entertaining, and inpiring to our own Potter Projects!
Here's what Mary had to say about our blog.

Kate and John of The Whittakers' Miniatures: Although Kate and John are juggling at least half a dozen projects plus life, they always make their posts such an enjoyable read! A visit to their site is like walking into other worlds. And it's fun (sorry!) to witness Kate get into a flurry with a dilemma or question (like paper clay!) and then in the following post, show the successful results. And I love the eye candy: spooky Sweeney Todd and witchy Potter stuff.
We have been visiting a few new blogs recently so as soon as i can Ill be passing these awards on to more deserving bloggers, thanks Mary!

He He, your a treasure Mary, we are so pleased you enjoy our blog. We wish we could post more! Life is very busy at the moment and we are looking forward to the future months of this year when hopefully things will be less hectic and we can spend more time on our miniatures with the knowledge that all around us are well and settled!
I am abit ditzy Mary, and dont have the confidence sometimes I wish I had , so thats why its so great to have so many wonderful friends that we can question and pester to help us out. And yep most of the time all the help pays off and gives the desired results.......apart from a few little disasters!!

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