Friday, 22 May 2009


Just a Hugely big thankyou and Hug to Nikki from , we recieved her parcel last night, and it cheered us up after a near disaster yesterday afternoon!!
To explain, we took the children to the park and treated them to a McDonalds for tea and when we got home, the wallet that John had given ME to look after ( BIG MISTAKE!!!!) was no longer in my pocket!! John had just been to the Cashpoint to withdrawer enough money for a charity Scooter run he is going on tomorrow so it was rather fuller than usual, plus the usual credit cards, driving licence etc!! We checked the car, house etc just incase Id put it down somewhere, then went back to then park, and it was nowhere to be found. John is a terrible joker and always playing practical jokes and he was so incredibly calm that i thought he was winding me up and was about to announce he had it all along! But after he phoned the police I realised he wasnt winding me up!!
I was crying, so cross with myself that I had lost it, but he just sat down to dinner like nothing had happened! Then a knock at the door and there was a guy from school with his 3 children , all who we know and the wallet! They had found it in the car park, and the children recognised the photo John has of me in there and came and found us to return it! John gave all the children a reward so they went home with great big smiles having learnt a good lesson that a good deed pays kindly!! Kind of spooky that it was them that found it as the park is a good half hour from our house, not a local park and we have never seen anyone we know in there before. It was sheer coincidence that they happened to go to the park that evening, and a good one for us!!

ANWYAY!!!.......... when the guy rang at the door, he also pointed out the parcel guy had a left parcels, ( he does that, it makes me sooo mad, just leaves them by the front door with not a knock or anything!!!) , so John got his wallet back and I had 2 parcels to open to cheer me up too!!
The biggest parcel was from Nikki, and I opened it up to find not only the magnificent wizard bottles we won on ebay, but also Nikki had so kindly put in, not 1 but 2 packages of various glass bottles for us to use in our projects!! They will come in so handy Nikki, we cant thankyou enough!! And also, a beautifully made bag, which Nikki has promised to make a Dragon Eye clasp for, which we think we will give to Violetta Vinweed the Potions Mistress . Its brilliant! How kind you are!

The second parcel was from Doreen, Nikki's friend. In this was a wonderful lizard preparation board, you may have seen it on Nikki's postings. We did , and contacted her to ask if we could buy one from her as its perfect for the Potter Potion room. Nikki was sending them to Doreen for her website so we did as suggested and contacted Doreen who so kindly agreed to send one on to us, the other one was already spoken for too, so you may be asked to make More Nikki!!! This is amazing, its a little lizard who is being disected!

We may now make another potion desk for the room, as we have alot of boards now so need more room for the students to work on them!

So all in all, a great ending to what could have been a bad day!!

We love our new minis, and cant wait to put them into place. We are thinking the bottles can go on the fireplace, and then we will have to make another potion shelf for the smaller ones. And cant wait to filll the empty ones with all sorts of concoctions.

Looking forward to more of Nikkis listings, we felt very privaleged to win these. What we love is they are not only brightly coloured ( my fav is the purple one!!) , but also heavy, so they feel like very real bottles. Good job Nikki, we think these are a big hit, and you should make more!


Ara said...

wow - don't they look majestic sitting up on the fireplace there!?! Nikki does such great work! I can't wait to own a few of her things when the funds are available! Congrats on such a wonderfully ending day!!!! -ara

Debbie said...

Wow what a day, so glad everything turned out OK in the end. Nikki's Bottles look great on the fireplace. x

Judy C said...

The jars are wonderful and Nikki is super. So sorry you had a bad day and that it turned out well. I would like to see pics of your finished work.

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Glad you both like the bottles. Also glad you managed to get a lizard board. I'll have to find more little lizards.

Glad to hear your wallet came back safely. It's awful when this happens and makes your heart miss several beats.
I do this every day. Well not me but my husband Mick is always losing his wallet or leaving his card in the machine.
Only wednesday he came in a panic because he though he had left his card in the machines where you buy a tube ticket.
He rushed to the bank, pulled out all his pockets and there was the card. Panic over... lol
Drives me mad, and he does this almost every day. Don't get me started on his car keys. Such an idiot!
I also have 3 boys that all do the same and people wonder why i'm a bit of a mad person... lol

Tallulah~Belle said...

What a day......glad it came back to you.

The fireplace looks fab with the bottles on it.

And the dissected lizard is too funny...perfect though.

I wish I had an imagination like that.

Debie Lyons said...

What a day you have had (((( hugs ))).
Its nice to hear good things for a change. Your goodies are wonderful, I too am lucky to have some of Nikki's glass, shes a lovely lady. The lizard board is wonderful.
Debie xxx

Kat The Hat Lady said...

Phew at least they found it blimey! Same thing happened to me a few weeks ago and it's a horrible feeling! What a lovely selection of Witchy things! :-D xxx