Saturday, 2 May 2009

More Beautiful Dolls To show off!!!!!!!!!

Hi Guys, sorry weve been a bit quiet lately, things are pretty manic here. After Johns blood clot scare we have been back and forth for his treatment, and now my wonderful Mum has just begun her second phase of cancer treatment which means daily hospital appointments for 4 weeks, so we may not be blogging quite as much for a while but we are still here and whenever we get a moment we will try and get some minis done.

Well Debbie you were right of course, in a previous posting I asked if anyone could guess which of Julie Campbell's latest creations would be the dolls Id fall in love with and Debbie of Tiny Treasures guessed it perfectly, ( you know me well already!!) as the Haunted mirror Lady, and Violetta Vinweed!
Photos are courtesy of Julie, I have not taken any yet of them in situ in their new homes but hope to very soon.

Regularly checking in on Julies wonderful blog, I came across her posting of her new dolls for the Pudsey Fair, and instantly fell for these fabulous dolls. I guessed Julie would want to take them to the show but emailed her on the off chance to see if she was willing to sell them beforehand, as they were so perfect for our projects. And being owed money I hoped I could afford them!
Well as always Julie was so helpful, and this lovely friendly lady agreed that I could buy them from her and she would simply display them as 'SOLD ' at the shows. Thankyou Julie,!!
Well today they came and as always with Julies dolls they are indeed even more spectacular than in the photos.
The lady in the mirror who I have yet to name, is so very sad and haunting in a serene way and will grace the bedroom of the haunted 'Gerry Welch' house perfectly.
Violetta, well. we thought we'd employ some new staff in the Potter house when its finished, so she will be our very own Potions and herbology mistress. When the conservatory is started she will then be moved to herbology mistress, and Snape will return from his well earned break to be reinstated in Potions. But for now there she will stay, keeping a watchful eye on all the ingredients, cauldrons, and bubbling brews in readiness for her class. We think she makes a perfect Potter teacher, dont you agree.

Now I must save up those pennies in readiness for buying the barbers chair, as thats the next big purchase.Then Ill be back to begging Julie for Sweeenys 2nd victim. The first having already been killed off and slumped in the chest in the barber shop in waiting for Mrs lovett to drag him into her mincing room!!!!!!!!
Im so delighted with my new dolls, naughty I know, but when you fall in love, you cannot resist! ( The proof of this being my John!!!!!!!!!!!)
Hope to be back in a couple of days with the pics of the Sweeney floor and the oven, all being well!!


Debbie said...

Kate, I hope John is soon on the mend and hope all goes well with your Mum's treatment.
The Dolls are wonderful, I love the one with Lilac Hair. Just knew they were the ones you'd pick. LOL.. I think she'll make a wonderful Potion's Teacher..x

Sassy Mini Dolls said...

Kate, sending you healing prayers for John and you mom. You take care of yourself too.

Fantastic dolls!!! Julie's ghost in the mirror puts the one I made to shame :)


Mary said...

Sending my best wishes to John and your mom. Take care of yourself as well, Kate.

Brilliant dolls! Too bad I've used up my budget for minis and supplies.

MiniKat said...

Our thoughts are with you. We'll all be here when you need us. Remember to take care of yourself in addition to your mum and John. :-)

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Thanks to everyone for such lovely comments, and all your kind words. When Mum was first disgnosed my hobby went out of the window but I realised that I needed something to take my mind off things and that why we started back with the new projects and it does help. Knowing there are so many lovely people supporting and spurring us on helps immensly too so thanks all! Johns leg is on the mend so Ill soon be nagging him to give me a hand in putting the house together!!xx Kate and John xx.