Saturday, 25 April 2009

2nd Time Lucky!!

Well here it is, went shopping today to Hobbycraft and came back fully equipped with graph paper, new paints, loads of glue, and sat down when little one was tucked up for her nap so I could concentrate and made a start.

Boy it was so much easier doing it on graph paper. Even though I tried to keep an eye for a straight line last time, it still went a little wonky. But this time its much straighter.

Plus I tried a different pattern this time. Some thin ones as a border and also a fully tiled area which will be in a soft grey that surrounds the counter.

Fingers crossed it looks better already and the best part is, as its on paper I can do it indoors and not in the dark shed , so I can see what Im doing.

Now to wait for the glue to dry , then I can begin painting.

I spoke to a friend who recommended I didnt paint the tiles first, purely because you cant get a full effect of the floor, and also the glue gets all messy with the paint. So I decided to add the paint lightly and sparingly and lets try and get it right this time!!!!


Sassy Mini Dolls said...

Looking good!!! My fingers are crossed for you too :) Hugs

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Hope it goes well this time. You are much better to not use too much paint for the first coat.

Debbie said...

Glad the graph paper worked out well for you Kate. Can't wait to see it painted..

MiniKat said...

Fingers are crossed here! The floor looks great so far. :-)