Saturday, 18 April 2009

Sweeney Walls are Up!!!

Well at last the walls are up, glued and tacked into place. For some reason they dont show up on camera as being half as 'Bad' as they look, they are quite ripped, worn and damp looking, but I decided to get the walls up and then when all is in place, give it its final 'dirtying up' with the blood splatters, bad damp coming through in the corners , darkening and dirtying the floor on the left side of the room, the right side will have big rugs. Also need to finish the attic room wallpaper.
Inbetween the 2 parlour rooms will be a heavy burgundy velvet curtain . This will give Mrs Lovett her living space with piano, fireplace, velvet chairs , thick rugs etc, and then she drawers back the curtain to reveal her mincing room where the bodies drop from the attic. Wow that room must smell bad, she will have lots of vases of flowers in her sitting room to disguise the smell of flesh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The floors arnt tacked in yet, they are balanced for these photos!! I want to finish the floorboards, and also get the Pie shop floor in before I put them in to make it easier for me, and also make the 'fake' trap door. I know the layout isnt true to the film as he used a side entrance but other than designing and making my own house for it, that would be too tricky so this will just be our interpretation!
Next week is back to school so i will have a go at the floors, and let you know what i think of the paperclay. ( And John can get on with that Potter Potion room wall thats still sitting unfinished! )

Going to be tricky as i want to do square terracotta tiles and then even smaller cream tiles surrounding the counter. I also want a tiled backdrop on the rear wall , so I may or may not do this in paperclay tiles on a sheet of card that i can stick onto the wall which will be easier. The big bread oven will go to the right hand side of the stairs and a big keg of ale to the left which is being made by my friend Liz's husband. But thats a bit in the future yet, lots to do so best get on!


Debbie said...

Looking Good Kate..
Have your Dolls arrived yet?

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Thanks Debbie, not yet, I had to pay by cheque as my silly paypal got messed up so still waiting !!Will post as soon as they come , standing in the shop, Vickys pies in hand! ! xx

MiniKat said...

Things look to be coming along nicely!

Sassy Mini Dolls said...

Ohhh, progress!! Looking good! :) Marsha

rosanna said...

You all work so fast and good. I feel ashamed.

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

I like what you are both doing with this and it looks like fun.
Typical of cameas isn't it to not do what you want them to. But i can se all the litle bits you have mentioned and know it will look brilliant when complete.
Amazing how long each step can take isn't it. Not much further with my little witch house and have spent hours on it so far.
Nikki x

Cate and David said...

Looks great!

Mary said...

I'm almost as excited for you to receive the dolls as you yourself are!

By the way, there's a shop poster on my blog for you that might be useful.