Thursday, 23 April 2009

Proof the Dolls Really do Exist!

I can see Im going to get moaned at for not producing photos of the wonderful new Dolls so Ive put a few of the Sweeney bits and pieces together just to take a few to show you how amazing they look! ( abit blurred sorry, in a rush!) . When the shop is finished, floor done, oven, seats made etc Ill take some more of them in their proper places. Im a little worried about how poseable they are, so maybe Julie can help me out how much I can move their body parts around? I only want to move Sweeneys arm to put a razor in it, but didnt want to do any damage without asking Julie first how far the limbs will move?
Arnt they super!
Off to work on the oven, its drier now so I should be able to move on a step tomorrow. Mind you with only 1 more day of sunshine forecast maybe we should get out of the house and soak it up abit!
Also for those wondering whats happening with the Potter house, not much progress. John has had some foam injections in his varicose vein as he had a nasty blood clot, and is pretty laid up at the moment. So I may get some of the smaller things done myself soon, like some food for the buffet table, and some potion things and leave the bigger woodwork items for when he feels more like it.


MiniKat said...

I hope John gets to feeling better soon. There's not much worse than feeling so bad you cannot work on minis.

The dolls are gruesomely lovely! I can't wait to see them in their "proper places" once the house is finished. :-)

Ara said...

fantastic! they are already looking right at home :) Love the drawer full of guts!

Sassy Mini Dolls said...

Awesome!!! :)

rosanna said...

You were right: they are perfect and perfect sized as well. Astonishing.

Debbie said...

Fantastic Dolls Kate..
Hope Johns soon feeling better..

Mary said...

I wish John a speedy recovery.

And if you ever tire of these dolls, I'll sacrifice some precious space in my home to receive them ;)

julie campbell said...

Hello Kate,
They are looking quite at home already !!! Cant wait to see this finished :0)
will email you about posing , they can do pretty much anything though and you should have fun positioning them ,
julie xxx