Tuesday, 14 April 2009

My FAB Easter Pressies

Hi Everyone , hope you all havd a great Easter, just wanted to share my fabulous Easter pressie with you all.
So this year I said NO CHOCOLATE!!! Mad I know but I can always steal some of the childrens, and as I had hinted big time about other things id like more ( I know I know what could you want more than chocolate!!!) I thought this year would be a first to give and recieve Easter pressies non fattening.
Firstly I got my well yearned for 'Twilight' DVD. Just love the Stephenie Meyer Books and the film is just brill, so now I can watch my 2 disc set over and over. John dosnt like it, so I can watch it in peace on the little tv while working on my minis, I do like my teen movies and this is a great Vampire one.
And also I got this amazing book, Called Fairies, Gnomes and trolls by Maureen Carlson , John got this for me from Amazon, and its such a brilliant book I love it! Already I have loads of ideas I want to try, it even has a tree in it with a face so Nikki will love it, I think she has her copy on its way to her now. Alot isnt in 1 12th scale but Im going to use the basics and teqniques to apply to my scale and make some little house elves maybe for the Potter house.

If you are at all interested in sculpting give it a read. Its great for beginners too.Im going to check out her other books too. Love the idea of using polymer clay even to make the clothes!

Be back later with some pics of the update of the Sweeney house. Looking good, nearly all done on the inside decorations, just need to do the floorboards , buy some skirting boards, etc.

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Debbie said...

Great Pressie.. Looking forward to seeing what creations you make..