Thursday, 23 April 2009

They've Arrived, and are Simply More Fabulous in the Flesh!!

Yipee, it was the Postman. Stop talking and give me my parcel!!!!!

John and him looked on as I ripped it open like a child at Christmas ( I think the postman now thinks im a little crazy :-) But on opening even this guy could see just why I was so excited as we all oohed and ahhed at my amazing new dolls!!

THANKYOU JULIE!!!!!!!!!!! They are just incredible. Now, I really have never been much of a doll person, I only have a few, 2 witches made by Willowshimmer, in my witches hat shop, and a few Dolls house Emporium ones in my 'Normal ' Dollshouse/ bridal shop ( still to be shown!!). I dont know why but Ive never thought dolls were important in a house but now im a complete convert! I really think I could get addicted to Julie's dolls, they are incredibly detailed, so well made, the features are perfect. Julie has both dolls haunting, wickedness down to a tea, the shadows under the eyes, the hint of evil in their faces. The wild wild hair. Everything is just amazing and i couldnt be more pleased with them. Also they are so perfectly to scale. I often have bought things in the past that just havnt ended up being used as the scale is just out, but i put these against my counter and they fit in like a dream. I cant figure out which is my favourite they are both so special

Please check out Julies website and blog if you havnt done so already. She has the most precious dolls, and I have been very naughty already and asked Julie for some more of her creations. Take a look at her blog and see if you can figure out which ones you think i would go for?? and as soon as i have saved some more, will be asking her to make the gent for my barber chair.

I havnt taken any photos just yet as Id like the get the pie shop abit more presentable, so I can have them with the counter, pies and all, really looking the part.

Im off to gloat now, Im a very happy Bunny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ara said...

Congrats on your new residents!!! Can't wait to see some photos! :)

Debbie said...

I think its the Ghost coming out of the mirror and the witch with lilac hair...
Where's the piccies of the new dolls then..?

Mags Cassidy said...

We want piccies!

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

I know I know, I just want to do them justice not standing next to a half done floor !! If I cant a chance later Ill take some and put them on tomorrow, off to pick up the kiddiwinks, cook dins, finish the ironing ........ yada yada !!!!