Monday, 20 April 2009

Help Please???

Hi everyone, after I asked you all for advice on paperclay, and got so many wonderful responses, I thought id fire away with another couple of things ive been pondering on.

1.Firstly, i have ordered some card tiles for the roof of the Sweeney house , lazy I know, I could have sat and cut them all myself but with so much to do I took the easy way out! Im hoping to have some left over and then if so, use them as flooring either on this or another project. I wondered if anyone had used card 'tiles' for flooring and if so, whats the best way to do it? Should I lay by using PVA, then paint, and then do you grout with anything as Im worried about it being too wet and spoiling the card if I grout. Or do you paint them first then lay? The tiles arnt dead square so will have gaps inbetween so how best to fill them being card?

Thats the first quandry

2.The second is how on earth do I make up the windows for the front of the shop. If you look at the pic on the last posting you will see the large black windows. None of my windows have anything in them so how to go about making up this style window. I thought about plain acetate but Id like the get the small pane effect , so any ideas? I need to get the windows in then run a rail with grubby lace curtains up.
Thankyou all in advance as i know youll all have great helpful tips.


Debbie said...

Kate if you look back in my blog at the making of Honeydukes. I made my own windows from strips of very fine wood. Here's the link Kate:-

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

This is perfect Debbie exactly what Im after! I've emailed you to pester you more as to how to go about this, thanks so much, Kate xx

Debbie said...

I've emailed you back Kate.
If you click on the photo's on that link I sent you. They will pop up bigger so you can get an idea of how I did it..

Linda Carswell said...

Hi Kate, You left a question on my blog about floor tiles.
I have only ever used basswood stripwood for my tiles, I cut them to the size required and then sand each and every individual one. I painted them individually and then glued them to graph-paper...which has been cut to the exact size of the room. Now, when ALL of this is done I then glue the floor into place. I don't leave any spacing between each tile. I have only ever used 'card' as roof tiles, all my wall paneling is made of wood also, I do joke that the house will be so heavy soon we will never be able to move it.
Hope this helps, Linda
p.s: So thrilled you are enjoying my blog!!

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Thanks again Debbie , going to order some wood strips to make the window asap.
Linda, Love your blog, we cant believe those rooms arnt real ones not miniature, just amazing! thankyou also for your helpful tips. Your floors always look so beautiful I knew youd have great advice.
Kate xx