Monday, 20 April 2009

Thankyou Mary

Dear Mary thankyou so much for finding this poster for me for using in the Sweeney project, its great! Going to print it up, give it a lick of good old tea to stain and age and put it on the shop side. We love Blogland, you 'meet' such wonderful kind people, so thanks Mary, hope we can return the favour and find something equally exciting for your project in the future!!
Heres a few more pics from the film, check out the website for more trailers, gallery photos etc or just to drool ( yes Im talking to you Kat!!!) at Johnny Depp!!
Also if you check out these you tube clips, especially in the 'Little Priest' clip you can get a good look at the Pie shop look Im trying to get!
And for a clip to get a good look at the Barber shop Attic look
Love these pies, not sure Mrs Lovett would have been quite so careless to have body parts sticking out so obviously but arnt they great! Im sure Debbie will like these, the next step on from rats in the pies Deb!! Also found this cute cartoon pic of the 2 of them, think you will like that Kat!!
Have added some Sweeney music for full effect to the blog, so hope you enjoy abit of Sondheim!! Dosnt he have just the best voice too!! Im very sad, i have the soundtrack which I play full blast in the car, not when the children are with me though the lyrics can be abit explicit!! Enjoy.
Its spookily quiet here in the Whittaker household with all the children back to school, so maybe i can get on with mapping out the floor today. I cant do the floorboards or rest of the papering until I can get to the shop to buy the materials which could be a while unless I can persuade John to take me out for a car ride to the shop an hour away!
Have a great Monday


Debbie said...

I saw the Poster over on Mary's blog and I knew you'd love it.
LOL Pies with body parts sticking out. No there's an idea Kate..

Kat The Hat Lady said...

That pie has just put me off my lunch ha ha ha ha! Love your Sweeney shop looking good so far! If I can help in any way please do let me know :-). xxx