Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Another update, and where's my postman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for all the advice and encouragment on the oven, its looking better as it dries but all my mistakes ive learnt from and would know how to do it better next time but isnt that always the way!! I hadnt realised when its wet it works better, almost like using paper mache, when I added glue or water it blended better. So used to using fimo or other polymer clay that needs something like talc to stop it sticking so that was my first problem.
I realised looking at the pic I loaded it looked wrong so went back to my photo in the book and added upright bricks and 2 vents and now it looks more like the real thing. Johns sorting out a scribing tool for tomorrow so if its dry I can deepen the brick faces.
I have literally bled for this project, today while removing excess clay from my craft knife I literally slid it down my finger and sliced it open so shed lots of the red stuff! Wasnt until tonight that my dear hubby told me off for not making the most of the disaster and smearing it on my walls instead of 'faking ' it with red paint.........yuck, sick man!!!!
Tomorrows jobs are to tile up to the oven, mix the mortar paint to fill in the gaps, then sand and finish the oven ready for the mortar and paintwork. got to make a little shelf for the pies to go on too, so busy busy busy.
My postman was down the road today and I shouted to him but nothing for me today so tomorrow should be the day, quite pleased actually as I can unveil a better looking room for the dolls to see!!

In the mean time I have to say our thoughts are with dear Julie who made my wonderful dolls, as her step father passed away and she has so much to cope with, so hope you are feeling better today Julie . Julies new dolls are simply beautiful and today she has finished a beggar girl with the face of an angel.


kimsminiatures said...

Wonderful bread oven. Can't wait to see what more you do with it. Thanks so much for all you kind words. You are so sweet to me. Isn't Julie the sweetest. I have several of her wonderful dolls. Sad about her loss. Mini hugs!

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Thanks Kim, hope you are feeling better! Id love to see your dolls when you get a moment. I can see me becoming addicted. ive never been a doll person, most of my houses are doll free but I think I going to be converted and have to start saving for more! lol , Hugs back and keep well! Kate xx