Thursday, 23 April 2009

Beautiful Polymer Babies!!!

Today John was looking through the 'Daily Mail' Newspaper and found this article on a lady who makes miniature babies from Polymer clay. Now usually these tiny babies sort of freak me out but i just checked out her website and these are simply amazing, absolutly beautiful, tiny detailing, so clever!
Her name is Camille Allen, heres is her web address

Now I have had 5 children, maybe because we adore babies, as soon as someone has a baby thats it we are off, brooding again, so we figured maybe the solution ( other than John having an operation and thats not gonna happen!!!!) is to treat ouselves to a couple of miniature babies, do you think that will work. All the beauty, tiny fingers, tiny toes, added bonus of no early morning feeds or crying and dirty nappies!!

What do you think, I just love them, check out this ladies website, she is only young herself at 28, lives in Canada, its a lovely site.........and I always wanted twins!!!!

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rosanna said...

I could cry out of tenderness. I love them