Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Today's Sweeney Progress

Not enough hours in a day! I so wanted to get the downstairs floor finished today but with lots of distractions ,unexpected visits , John needing my help sorting his garage out etc, by 2.45 I was happily getting on then realised I had 2 children to pick up from school so everything came to a halt!
I know i know you are all going to moan at me, its not paperclay!
I decided, that, A, the area was such a big one and I hadnt done it before it would be a big mistake if I was to fluff it up!!, and then B, I only had 2 small packs and I need some for the bread ovens and another smaller floor so I thought best to keep it for that, and try it out on a smaller less important project!
Also I am doing a tile pattern, tricky to see in the pic, but the 3rd narrower row from the front will be black etched tiles, and these will follow round infront of the counter. the other tiles are bigger and, some terracotta, some black, so with differing styles and sizes i thought best to do it in card.
I glued it all on with PVa, and then filled in gaps with thick pva.
The tables and dresser will sit as you can see on the tiles, but Ive worked around the counter and also Im leaving the back so I can make the bread oven and work the tiles around this also. The oven in the pic is just there for a size guide.
Cant you just see it with all the pies, ale jugs, dresser full of goodies, oil lamps and candles etc, cant wait to dress the room!!
Tomorrow Im tempted to paint them but i know I should really wait til the oven is in and the floor finished so I can paint it all in one go and get the colour even, but Im so impatient to see how it will be!!

The other pic of the roof now on. Again time premitting Ill paint this dark grey tomorrow then start tiling it. Then when I get my delivery of floorboards for the attic floor, its in with the floors, and I can start on the interior.
Best try and get on with some more, Sweeney and Mrs Lovett are on there way and may want to move in tomorrow and the house just isnt ready for them!! He will not be best pleased, and wouldnt want to mess with Mr Sweeney!!


Debbie said...

Its all coming on a treat Kate.

Ara said...

wow - this all looks so amazing! you have the color palette down perfectly!

MiniKat said...

I do like this floor though. It looks great! :-)

Tallulah~Belle said...

Looks great...the card worked well. can't wait to see it painted :-)