Friday, 3 April 2009

Thankyou Mary For our Award!

Hi thanks so much to Mary of for our ' I Love your Art Blog Award , it is so very kind of you, and another to add with pride to our page.

We have to award this to 7 other blogs , but try as I may i cannot find a blogger who we follow who hasnt recieved this already, my fault for taking too long to get round to awarding it, so I pass it on to all the fantastic blogs out there that we enjoy taking a moment every day if we can to catch up on and enjoy!
Also we have to name 7 things we love so apart again from each other, family and freinds, Im handing this one over to John, its his turn, I did the last!
1. Got to be my classic cars, both the ones Im lucky enough to own, and those Id like too and enjoy reading aobut and lusting after! Get so much enjoment tinkering with them , especially when the sunds out and the roof can come down on the MG Midget!!

2. Footy!! A good game of football, Chelseas my team, and god help anyone on an opposing team in the house when they play. With Lola supporting Liverpool, and my other girls into other teams too it makes for some interesting and loud Sundays!!
3. My Classic Scooters. Much to Kate's annoyance I have a garage too full of them, Lambrettas and Vespas, yep Im a Mod!! Love to take a ride out on a warm day.

4. Days out with the family. I love to head off to Brighton early, be on the beach by 8, in the Lanes shopping by 10 , and in the pub for lunch by 12!!

5. Our yearly holiday in the cottage if we can afford it! We found a wonderful cottage a few years ago with its own pool and if we can get away there its the most wonderful relaxing holiday ever, right by the beach in Cornwall.

6.Watching Kate making things, I love to see her concentration and perserverance ( and she loves mine where i always sit with my tongue sticking out when im concentrating!!) and helping if I can, and more recently having a go myself!

7. Fruit and Nut Toblerone, off to grab some now!!!!!! Its not just women that are chocoholics

Have a Great Weekend everyone, and will try to post soon, but now its Easter Hols, its our time to spend with the children so wont be here too much until its time for back to school.

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