Friday, 3 April 2009

Mini Delegation!

Delegation going on here today in the Whittaker family!
John has the job of rendering the Potion room walls in the Potter house. Ive let him have this job as its the messiest! Started it yesterday and was getting in a right sticky mess and decided it was becaause as usaul i was rushing it and didnt have the necessary tools etc. So as they say preperation is the key so John carried on today with lots of ready torn strips of tissue paper, bowl of glue and large paintbrush and its going much much better! Easy peazy , just take strips of tissue, and glue onto your prepared wall which is liberally covered in PVA glue. Let the tissue crinkle and bobble as much as possible to give it the rough appearance of rendering. then leave overnight and voila a rough surfaced wall ready to paint in shades of grey so it gives it a stony appearance. Well thats the plan

Meanwhile in the workshop I have the easier cleaner task of papering the Parlour room walls of the Sweeney house. I tried this already on a piece of card to test and its come up really well.
I chose the green flowery paper and printed this out. It worked really well as my printer is running out of coloured ink so in places its really faded so its actually given me that tired look I wanted without even trying! I did however tea stain in in places to look like damp coming through the walls in the corners and bottoms of the walls. It will then be torn in little areas as she dosnt have the neatest of houses and not much money until Sweeney gets those customers in for using in her pies !!!
So far so good. Lots of Windows to cut around. Then off to buy the Victorian skirting board. Also Ive found a great wood panelling for the Pie shop which comes in brown but Im going to paint in 2 shades of dirty green.

Back to work! Have a great weekend everyone


Debbie said...

Can't wait to see the rooms finished Kate.

Judy C said...

Too bad you can't just wave a wand, utter a spell, and see it finished. I get impatient too. Can't wait to see it.

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Judy, Im terribly impatient. I know people that love taking their time over all the exterior of the house but my 'thing' is doing the interior so i dont have much patience for walls etc. But I know i have to be better if I want it to look right!