Thursday, 23 April 2009

Aging walls Tutorial, helpful for Ara?

I found this tutorial a While back when trying to decide how to do the attic walls , and thought it may be of some use to Ara on her Adams family House, would look cool in maybe Lurch's room to have some crumbling plaster on the walls!
I was going to use the tutorial for the top troom but then decided to have the room after Sweeney and Mrs Lovett had tidied it up abit as in the film . The room looked like this when Sweeney first comes back to London but later on when his gents are coming for their 'shaves' it is abit tidier. But thought it was a useful tutorial for anyone doing older run down houses.
Must dash , I can hear John talking to someone outside, could it be the postman.............................


Debbie said...

Great tutorial. Thanks for sharing the link Kate.

Ara said...

Oh thank you thank you!!! This is perfect... and yes I was just thinking Lurch's room when I saw the picture in your post!!!! Also possibly a little bit of the childrens room... maybe the walls are peeling a little at the top... you know from all the experiments Wednesday does on Pugsley! :) Much appreciated!