Sunday, 10 May 2009

The Potion Cabinet and more!

Heres a close up of the Potion Cabinet. This has sat in my drawers for years and i found it and thought it would be good in the room. I just sanded down the wood so it looked abit more aged, and then put in lots of different potion ingredient bottles. I then made holes and put in some of Nikki's hanging items, dragon skins, teeth and herbs etc which look quite cool!
The bench is just balsa painted black, and railings painted gold glued together , a nice cheap potion table!
This morning Violetta is having a mix herself to see what spells she can put together for her first lesson
Have a great Sunday and yep I think it will be Dumbeldores office next. thinking of a design for the bookcases today.


Debbie said...

Its all looking great Kate. The little labels you got from that lovely Lady in America look wonderful on your jars.

JODI said...

Love it Love it Love it........

Looks fantastic...

Happy Sunday


julie campbell said...

Oh Kate I was so excited when I saw Violetta mixing her potions in this wonderful setting !!! This is looking just fabulous, I love it all !!
julie xxx

Ara said...

Looks good... I am going to need something similar for grandmamas basement. This is great inspiration!!! -Ara

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Thanks Debbie , i love the labels too, then the others were cheap ones i bought from the Us, took off the labels and Nikki very kindly told me the font etc she uses for hers so i could match them up with her great ones John bought.xx
Jodi, thankyou, just wish we could have some stuiudents in there too, a Harry and Hermione would set it off a treat!! xx
Julie, Glad you like it , its always lovely to see your work in situ, and she looks like shes enjoying her new home, Im sure theres more of a smile on her face now than when she arrived you know!!!!!!!! Spooky! lol xx
Ara, happy you like it all, if you mean the wall idea, its soooo easy and gives a good effect, just abit messy and sticky but fun!! xx

Sassy Mini Dolls said...

Love everything, Kate!! So much detail!! :) Marsha

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Looks brilliant and love all your jars and bits i've not seen before.
Sorry i took my time geting here.
Can't wait to see more too!

Jean Day said...

It is looking wonderful! I love the name Violetta!

Mini Hugs, Jean

Aelwyn said...

THAT'S SO AWESOME! I'm so envious---I want that whole room in real size! :) LOL! Magic everyone.

Great job, I love it!