Monday, 15 June 2009

Check out this Fab New Artiste and her Amazing Fairy House

Well, one thing I have been able to do today, though not up to finishing the roof, is checking out items on ebay and etsy to see if anything takes my fancy, or i can grab any bargains for any of the houses .

I had my eye on a darling Wisteria tree for the fairy garden, but it went up and up to a whopping £52, so couldnt keep up with those prices!

But while looking for fairy furniture ( I know i shouldnt be looking for interiors before completing the house but couldnt resist! ) I came across this wonderful Driftwood Fairy House.
I contacted the lady and what a lovely lady, she sent me a kind reply agreeing that i could post some pics on the blog here.
Its a lovely piece, looks so cosy and I love the natural use of materials.

Shelley is not new to Ebay, but is new to selling miniatures on Ebay so Im sure you'll all wish her the best of luck with this and future plans for her houses. And she has many plans!! Aready she has sent a pic of a magnificent wizard house made from Driftwood, complete with potion bottles and spell book. Also she plans on making a witches house, elf house and much more so keep an eye out for her work.
This OOAK fairy Driftwood house with working lights and fireplace is listed on Ebay at the moment, Item no. 260428948004 in the name of world*in* miniature.

I mentioned to Shelley about starting a blog, but she is a very busy bee at the moment, but we'd love to see your projects here in Blogland Shelley if you ever get the time :-)

In the mean time I for one will be taking a great interest in Shelley's work , its really my kind of style .


julie campbell said...

How gorgeous, driftwood lends itself so perfectly to this little house, it really does look magical.
Thanks for posting this up Kate :0)
julie xxx

Debbie said...

What a pretty little house..I'll have to keep an eye out for her Ebay listings..xx

Sassy M said...

What a wonderful fairy house!! I agree with Julie, it's magical! Mini hugs ♥ Marsha

Creepy_Creations said...

That is very cool! She does awesome work!!


Sassy M said...

Kate, I have an award for you on my blog! I hope you're feeling better! Marsha