Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Found the cheapest Thatching Material!!!

Thanks everyone for help with the thatching, I still like the idea of using mangled up balsa if I can persude John to have a go at it, or even paperclaying the roof and etching and roughing it up but if all else fails look what i remembered I had today!! While putting loads of the childrens things in the loft I came across an old mattress that we bought for Lacey. This was a really expensive one made from coconut fibre filling which is supposed to be the safest.

I had a quick look on ebay to see if they held their value before I tore into it, knowing it cost us about £60, but they dont seem to get bids as most people prefer to own a brand new mattress for each child nowadays.

So all that money we paid will pay off miniwise as i can rip it apart and use the fibres for thatching.

Woohoo, great to find a use for something we would have put in the tip eh!!!

Lets hope it works


Ara said...

Brilliant! I am glad you thought to check prices first! I am sure I would have thought of that afterwards...haha.

Judy C said...

coconut fiber sounds like a great idea.

MiniKat said...

Fantastic idea! Can't wait to see it implemented. :-)

Mary said...

Very sensible idea! That's my favorite part of mini-making, repurposing stuff from around the house.

Debie Lyons said...

Thats great Kate, nothing like being able to recycle things and save money in the process.
Debie x

julie campbell said...

Looks like the perfect thatch kate !
really am looking forward to seeing this on a roof :0)
julie xxx

Tallulah~Belle said...

Brilliant idea.....I might start taking crib mattresses apart in thrift stores now :-)

I've seen bundles of coir used very effectively but I can't find any here.

It will look great I am sure.