Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Found some other houses like Ours

Was checking out some blogs today and came across a few houses which were of great interest.
Firstly on Debs Minis, http://debsminis.blogspot.com/ , she has dont the most wonderful Fairy house also in the exact same style!!

Found out it is by Greenleaf ,/Corona ( same as our Beacon Hill and our favourite dollhouse maker!!) and is called the Aster.

Im excited as Deb is in this months American Miniatursit amgazine with an article on it so I cant wait til that comes out so i can order a copy.

Then I had a search on the greenleaf forum and came across 2 others. 1 was thatched in tea leaves can you beleive, never thought of that!! And the other I think is made with Polyfiller and painted to give a thatch effect.

I am sad today as John hasnt manged to get my glue so Im at a standstill and i so want to finish Maybe tomorrow now.
So I will have to just look at others for inspiration .
Lola suggested last night we make the house sit higher and have a waterfall but thats a bit daunting so maybe a little stream on the level will be easier. And Id love a wishing well. If anyone knows of any tutorials on either Id be much oblidged.
Also went out looking for walnuts today but all the supermarkets are out til later this Autumn!! I realy want to a walnut shell bed now!

On the way back we got stuck in traffic and guess what we saw! A little cottage that was being rethatched for real!! I never even knew we had thatched cottages in the town, this is a one off. I said to John I reckon theyd give us a bagful of thatch and he said if we asked he reckoned theyd give us a load of the old stuff.......but I resisted and have stuck to the mattress. After all it is not only half done, but I think alot easier than following a real thatching teqhnique in little bundles. John said Id lock myself in the workshop and never come out!! So we didnt go and ask.

Still it will be nice to see the real life size house finished too, bet mines finished first!!


The Ice Queen said...

Weird how the top picture has a fireplace but no chimney. I like what you've done. It's every bit as nice as the pictures. Hopefully you'll get your glue and get on with completing the roof. What a fun project!


Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Tabitha, I though that, maybe it got forgotten, like I nearly did!! I found the chimny in a box and thought how glad i was i hadnt glued down the big bit of roof so I can put this on first!! I think this roof is paperclay so maybe it was done and the chimney wouldnt go on after? Still looks lovely, i hope i can do the house such justice!! xx

Tallulah~Belle said...

Ewwww...imagine all the dead bugs in old thatch...I'd stick with the mattress lol.

That's a lovely house.

A stream would be perfect...good for Lola thinking of that.