Monday, 1 June 2009

Some Photos for Ara

Just wanted to post some great pics for inspiration for Ara's New Home. Ara has a wonderful Blog which is following the progression of her adams Family project house, but has just had a great new buy herself and we love the new project. Unsure what style to follow here's some pics from the 'Practical Magic' house, lovely rustic rooms, great for good witches.
Hope you like them Ara.

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Ara said...

Thanks for posting these!! I actually think I saw the movie when it first came out but I haven't seen it since! I will have to stop by the video store ;) I especially like the last photo with the big wheel... the house I found would really lend itself so something like this beautifully. Hopefully I will start up a new blog for the house once I've got a solid direction. Maybe I'll sit the house near the tv as I watch so I can 'visualize' :) Hugs -ara