Friday, 19 June 2009

The Thatch is 2/3 done!!

Woopee, nearly there!! Have finished glueing all the thatch down on both sides, front and back, just the little bit around the dormer window to finish and the stitch effect to be done. I have put sticks on either side of the top section of roof and am waiting on some thread to hand stich a design onto this, in a criss cross pattern. Its annoying cos the patterned part of the roof isnt showing up on camera, but what I did was add a top section ontop of the roof and then cut out circular patterns into this. It shows up really well in the flesh!
Will post a pic of it all finished when Ive done the stitching but wanted you all to see it was coming along.

Just have to find a base board now so I can start the garden, put in some vines etc as i think once the colour goes onto the roof with flowers etc it will really bring the roof to life.
I have a small amount of thatching left, just enough to cover a gable gate entrance , and maybe a fairy outside loo!!!

My stepdaughter commented it looks like the Snow White house .......but dont think theres room for 7 beds up in the bedroom though !!
Also just thought Id post a pic of our 3 youngest dressed up for 50's day at school today. Lola, Reilly and Lacey are all set to have a great day with a party at school to celebrate .


Mags Cassidy said...

Three beautiful children!
I bet they can be a handful at times - cheeky grins?
The thatch looks great.

Tabitha Corsica said...

I think the house looks great, Kate! It must feel satisfying to be so near completion with the roof (I see you remembered the chimney..) It surely does resemble Snow White's cottage!...but will make a fine fairy house. Thnaks fo rsharing your progress and for the adorable picture of your chidren.


Debbie said...

The Roof looks brilliant Kate its really coming along now. Really looking forward to seeing what little treasures are going to go in there.
The children look so cute, hope they all have a great day...x

Katie said...

Oh Kate! It looks great! I can see the circles your talking about~ How smart!! can't wait to see how you do the stitching:)

...It does look the like cottage in Snow White! Remember the beds are tiny- maybe you could make 7 in 1/2 inch scale or something? Or maybe Dopey ran off and got married, and it's his 'new' house??? LOL

Love the pic of the kids!! They're so much fun when their this age!! Old enough to do things for themselves! And yet, still young enough they don't think their grown yet, lol! Does that make sense, lol??

Ara said...

It's looking so great and the idea of stitching something into the roof is genius... I wouldn't have thought of that in a million years! You're children are adorable!!! -ara

Sassy M said...

Oh, Kate, your little ones are absolutely beautiful!! Now, you know me, I have to admit that black and white polka dot dress with the pink ribbon, LOVE it!!!

Your house is looking wonderful!! Well, ya' know, the seven little fellows were small, so 1/2 scale beds would fit upstairs :) (I just read Katie's post and she said the same thing!)

I don't know the height but you could make three sets of 1/2 scale bunk beds and them Grumpy can have his own as he wouldn't want to share, LOL

Hugs, Marsha

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Hi Mags, thankyou, and yep they certainly can be!! They tend to have this mad half shortly before bedtime when I cant do a thing with them lol xx

Tabitha, it is nice to be nearly done, but in a way quite sad as I really enjoyed doing it! Hope the progress pics didnt bore everyone!! xx

Debbie, glad you like it, they had a fab day, ate too much and came home hot and sweaty but a good day had by all! xx

Katie, glad you can see the detailing. Thanks so much for putting up the pics of Snow Whites house, its inspiring me more !! And I know exactly what you mean about the kiddies, though Lola is 7 going on 17 sometimes!! xx

Hi Ara, thanks for the compliments, didnt know if it would look right til it was done but turned out fine phew! xx

Marsha, my fav dress too! It looks darling as just the dress but it was chilly this morning so she had to wear a tshirt under it, but it still looked cute.
loving the idea of bunk beds for them, will be on the hunt for them now, havnt seen tiny ones before, or maybe i could make them!! xx

julie campbell said...

Kate your children are just gorgeous, love those outfits too :0)
I totally agree, it does look like snow whites cottage, wouldnt that be a lovely project to do !
Its looking wonderful :0)
julie xx