Sunday, 23 August 2009

Not for those with a weak dispositiion!!!! But then something Much sweeter!!!

I just had to show a pic of the fantastic meat cupboard that I bought from the wonderful, lovely Pamela j Minis a year or so ago.

Being a member of CDHM, I saw the cupboard that Pamela displayed on the forum as a Halloween piece, and new instantly that the cupboard would be perfect for Mrs Lovetts spare room, where she keeps all the 'Meat' and body off cuts before making them into the gruesome pies.

Its not for the faint hearted, with jars of eyeballs, cut up limbs, bones, bowls of guts etc, but its so cool, I couldnt pass it up!

I will use the Halloween pumpkin table in another setting, but the cupboard will be going in the small upstairs room , with Sweeneys trap door directly falling into it!

I also had to show this amazing Betty Boop inspired diner that I have just seen Pamela made and it is featured in this months American Miniaturist magazine.

It is so brilliant. If I lived in the US Id snap it up, I love Betty Boop, and what an original idea.
I have my own diners as you can see in an old post, but how tempted am I to follow suit and place it all in a carry case, it would give me a 3 storey dollhouse shop back to make into something else too!! So watch this space for both ideas.

I have had some time this weekend to continue the Sweeney attic room, papered and done the flooring. So as soon as my accesories arrive courtesy of ebay i can dress that wonderful table Ara made for me!!


Judy C said...

Stomach is fine. Betty Boop Diner is superb.

Never Enough Time said...

Love the table display....perfect for Sweeney Todd.
I have watched the movie about 15 or more times. By now I know when the gruesome parts, so I look away. It is the music and songs that I love. Perhaps I should just buy the soundtrack!
thanks for sharing the photos!

Ara said...

This hutch will be great!! I love the beheaded lady - haha. Mrs. Lovett sure did have a stong stomach....

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Ooops, missed this one!.
Everything is fantastic and the meat and gore is fab.
Love the diner too! I've always wanted to make a diner but a run down one with a very dirty kitchen, old waitress with a cig hanging out of her mouth and the cook with dirty aprons etc. With half boarded windows and broken tables and stuff like that. I wish i was normal... lol.

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Glad you all like it. A run down diner sounds great and it wouldnt be any fun if we were all the same Nikki. I think Im a bit strange too but thats the way I am take me or leave me lol xx